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Betsense Gaming Software Review

There’s a lot you need to know about Betsense slots. It is an online game provided by Betsense. It heavily relies on casino gaming software for its increased creativity and adversity. But Betsense also boasts a growing and modest casino games. Also, they are also known for their impeccable work with Adjarabet which is a well-known iGame operator in Georgia.

The company is still on its way to producing something groundbreaking, but this is not a deterrent. They are making quite a contribution of unique premium slot machines featuring themes not seen any other place.

Some of their collection is in English, but because of their home market, it is also designed in Georgian as well.

Being restricted to one market is not a hindrance to Betsenses’ greater ambitions of building products that will set them apart in the global market. It’s just a matter of time until we see more of Betsense in other parts of the world.

This Makes Sense

Their CEO is Zakaria Khitarishvilli who has been on the job since 2015 January. Before then he was the owner of a Flash Design studio as well as Adjarabet, this has come in handy in his running the biggest supplier of flash games in Georgia.

The firm is based in the capital city of Tbilisi and has a team of more than 20. Its current portfolio has more than 20 games. Aside from the slots, they have produced table games, products based on skills as well as social online casino games. The other titles are developed in Flash to be displayed on the desktop and have an HD graphics; this gives the user the best presentation possible.

Over The Past Five Years

In the last five years, Bet Sense has become known as one of the major players in Georgia’s iGaming industry. They regularly attend the annual Georgia Gaming Congress. People know Khitarishvili for his presentations on developments in online gambling.

BetSense Video Slots

This collection is mainly based on the video slots lineup and has almost 20 titles. They build casino slot games in the Georgian language. There are others though in the English language. This goes to show that they are focusing on the international scene and before long they will be well known. Many of the games in this collection are traditional. For instance, not less than five games have fruit as the main theme.

More Titles

Other games in the collection are a bit unusual. They contain some historical figures’ theme. Most of the games have optional gambling feature and winning spins. There is a four-tier jackpot system in all the machines.
Betsense Gaming Software Review
The players have a great chance at winning anything.

Some of the games are:

1. 20 Slice Fruits.
2. Dictator.
3. Karabakh.
4. Frozen Fruits.
5. Dragon Fruit.
6. Africa.
7. Fashion Slot.
8. Mammoth.
9. Khinkali.
10. Old Boy.
Betsense offers more than just slots, though the other choices are still limited. They have developed different card games like Japanese poker and Russian poker. Also, there are also skill games in which the players get to go head to head with others. Examples of these are dominoes, checkers and other more casual games like sea battle and Farkle.

Betsense slots still have a limited audience, and it is most likely it isn’t well known outside Georgia. The portfolio is quite amazing, and they are taking advantage of available casino gaming software to grow.

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