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It is more than ten years now; Cozy Games have been offering white label gaming solutions to its clients. For all those years, nothing has stopped this gaming company from becoming innovative. The company has made a name to be the only company that shows unselfish interest in all its endeavors. Many of the projects the company has accomplished are a clear sign that it wants other sites to grow.

That is why Cozy Gaming has been building bingo sites across the Northern Hemisphere. Cozy has also helped in the building of several small-scale online casinos.
The gaming company has stood out from the rest because of such acts of nobleness. This has made it possible for the gaming company to work with other international brands. One such company is Aunty.

Comfy Bingo, Acid Bingo, And Bingo Bytes

Cozy Games is stopping at nothing when it comes to making substantive progress. The gaming company has also started offering its services to other larger sites. Recently, the company started offering its mobile casino network software to other companies. VIP Club Casino and Slotmatic.

Cozy Games is a studio that deals with many games. You can expect it to offer elaborate gaming solutions to its clients. The gaming company offers solutions pertaining to back-end problems to its clients. Cozy Gaming has been able to come up with over 100 casino slot games.

Many of these games are 3-reeled classic slots. But, in recent days, the gaming company has increased the zeal in the making of 5-reel video slots. Cozy Games also produces a variety of scratch card titles.

Cozy Casino Gaming Software

Quite An Experience

Since Cozy Games cane on the scene in 2004, the gaming company has had its share of challenges. But that doesn’t mean there haven’t been good times.

In fact, a larger part of the years since 2004, Cozy Games has had a good time. It has used these good times creating different gaming products. These games go to its ever-increasing client base.

Sreeran Reddy Vanga and Neeraj Kumar Jha are the able brains behind this gaming company. Over the years, the two have taken Cozy Games through the thick and thin of the gaming world.

The two have built a trustworthy gaming company. It uses online casino gaming software to uplift other sites.

The company comes from the Isle of Man. From there, Cozy Games runs and powers several other gaming sites. All these depend on its robust gaming platform.

Cozy Games has licenses elsewhere. They enable the company to operate several businesses out of the jurisdiction.

Cozy Games’ clients are happy that their sites are stable thanks to the software. You can visit any site that is powered by Cozy Games and enjoy the gaming company’s games.

Here are some of them:

· Aztecs.

· Chain Reactors 100.

· Carnival Crowns.

· Dog ‘n’ Roll.

· Farm Run.

· Elizabeth White Queen.

· Easter Bunny.

· Coffee House.

· Chasin’ Treasure.

· Fish Toons.

· Cupid’s Arrow.

· Top Speed.

· Wizards Castle.

· Wild Vegas.

It is true that this is not a complete list of Cozy Games, but they are popular games created by the company.

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