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Electrocoin is one of the oldest gaming manufacturers around. It uses Electro Coin gaming software to produce various gaming products since 1976. This time, John Collinson and his partner John Stergides were taking the lead. There is something unique about this gaming company. Many people do not know it. For over 30 years, Electrocoin is not specializing is one product. It is easy to say that is what most gaming companies do. You are right to argue so.

But that is not the unique thing. Electro Coin continues to create a variety of products. Some of these gaming products you will hear them for the first time. Many gaming developers don’t produce them. The gaming company produces pinball machines, video slots, and photo booths. These are just to mention a few.

Learn About Electrocoin Gaming Software

Remember that during the late 70s and early 80s, the number of live casinos is big. It is no surprise that Electrocoin makes many products for the brick and mortar family.

There is need to adopt a new platform. Electrocoin continues to do that till date. The internet brings many amazing opportunities to this gaming company.

Many things have so far started years ago. Can you remember the amusement with prize (AWP) games? This marks Electrocoin’s biggest starting point.

Large volumes of these machines are available in the UK to date. The company ensures they are working. They give proper service to users. The machines are reliable.

Electrocoin receives its license from the government of the United Kingdom. It is from this gambling-friendly country that Electrocoin serves its clients.

The company continues to create several other products. To date, there are thousands of gaming products across the UK. You will find many others in the European markets.

Electrocoin creates other online wagering games. Some of these games fit in the Bar-X. Developers consider this a simplistic format. These games find themselves in live casinos across the UK. Others land on major online sites in the world.

For over 30 years, Electrocoin continues to thrive. You can still find many of the gaming company’s products in many casinos across the United Kingdom.

Electrocoin gaming software is robust. It creates a calm atmosphere. Gamers feel safe and secure playing games from this company.

Electrocoin Gaming

For all these years, Electrocoin continues to create many other games. The result is that it continues to attract many clients from all parts of the world.

When it comes to video gaming, Electrocoin takes the lead. Some of the company’s products in this genre are:

1. Sea Amusements.
2. Bandai Namco Games.
3. Konami.

There are others that take the side of pinballs. In this category, you can think of products like Pinball Heaven and Stern. Many others fall in the general gaming sector. These include things like slots, table games, and online casino games.

Not Games Alone

Electrocoin gaming software does more. The gaming company does more than create traditional games. Electrocoin creates photo booths. These photo booths are not different from those in arcades. They resemble those that you will find in amusement parks. You will find others in special events such as weddings.

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