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Gamescale is a small group of gaming developers. The gaming company comes into the light with a mix of information about the time the company starts operation.The company’s website says the gaming group is in operation since 2000. When you look at its LinkedIn page, the information is different. The latter says the time the company starts operation is 2010.

We can believe either. Maybe there is an error in one of those platforms. What is important is not the company’s birth. The most important thing is what it can do.

Learn About Gamescale Software Developers

Today, we look at Gamescale and say that some gaming companies are luck. This gaming company comprises some of the industry’s notable experts.

Those who make this gaming company are people with experience in gambling. Experts that are now working with Gamescale are former employees. Before joining Gamescale, these experts work for:

· PartyGaming.
· 888 Gaming.
· Microgaming.
· Playtech.

Looking at the above gaming developers, you will agree that the team has expertise. That is what is making Gamescale what it is today.

Former employers nurture these experts. These experts are now working hard to see Gamescale rise to the highest scale. From humble beginnings, the gaming company is now a big thing.

Many people say that this is a medium size gaming company. A few others say that this is a big gaming company. Those who say it is big and the other group know one thing.

License from the government of Malta

This gaming company has its license from the government of Malta. But it has offices in other parts of the world. You can find Gamescale office in Israel and Moldova.

Note that this gaming company’s target is to produce products for the B2B market. But it does not mean that you will not benefit.

Regular punters, online bookie, and casinos will always have something.

Players that want to play games for real money can trust this gaming company.

To make this possible, Gamescale does many things. For now, the gaming company makes sleek platforms. It uses its casino gaming software to create the platforms.

The sleek platform makes it is easy for individual bookies and online sites. For now, casinos can run their games on browsers. You do not need to download anything .

Players can enjoy several games for real money. Punters should not fear about where to get space to store games. Most of the gaming company’s games require no download.

Here are some games punters can play with ease:

Online Blackjack.
Video Poker.
3D Slots.
Classic Slots.
Gamescale Casino Gaming Software
Each month, you will expect this gaming company to unleash something. You can be sure that this gaming company is heading far.

A few months ago, the gaming company was seeking experts. It wants those who are interested in making the business grows to join its workforce in St. Paul’s Bay office in Malta.

Vacancies the company wants to fill include:

• IT Engineer.
• Full Stack Engineer.
• Java Software Developer.
• Technical Support Engineer.
• R&D Director.

If you have any of the above skills, and the passion, check Gamescale’s website for more details. The important thing is that you are joining a small but great team.

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