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Gamesys Slots is a gaming developer that is in the industry for 16 years now. It uses online casino gaming software to create its products. When starting up, Gamesys has only a handful of employees.This gaming developer operates from its London offices. From a humble beginning, today, the gaming company boasts a massive 900 employees. This number of employees makes this company one of the biggest in the world.

Gamesys has 7 offices globally. What does that tell you about the company? Reaching its customers is easy. This gaming company loves to invent. They love to discover, rock, thrill and expanding.

Nobody knows what this gaming company is thinking to do next. You only wake up to a press release. It will tell that Gamesys is launching a certain product.

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Whatever this gaming company does is in line with its mission statement. The mission states, ‘To be the world’s most entertaining online gaming company.’

Out of the over 900 employees, there is a small but very important staff. The staff comprises operators, developers, and designers. This small group leads the rest in creating amazing gaming products.

This engine room is the reason why big casinos in the world are happy. You can imagine who consume Gamesys products. The list of clients is endless.

They include big brands in the gaming industry such as:

· Virgin Games.
· Sun Bingo.
· Caesars Casinos.

Gamesys is not alone in making its big name. Over the years it is creating other small gaming enterprises. Those that you can put on the list include:

1. Mice and Dice.
2. Profitable Play Limited.
3. Entertaining Play Limited.
4. Nozee Limited.
5. Leisure Spin Limited.

All the above plus other small companies help make Gamesys what it is now. This gaming company is creating employment for many other people.

Below are two most popular slots for the gaming company. These and many other slots continue to attract many people from different parts of the world.
Gamesys Casino Gaming Software

The Godfather

The Godfather is an online slot machine that has its base on a famous film that goes by the same name. Many people say a lot after playing the slot machine. Several players say it is a game you should respect.

The slot comes with the Family Feature and the Wedding Cake Feature. The two features are great in offering bonuses. No serious gamer will deny the invitation to play this casino slot game .

Secrets of the Phoenix – this is a slot that comes with 25 pay lines. It is one of the amazing slots of the century. For you to win prizes in this game, you need to match ancient stone relics.

But after matching the stone relics, something peculiar happens. All winning symbols disappear. This leaves you in awe. Cascading symbols will appear shortly.

The good thing is that 4 cascading wins will release the Phoenix from its hideout. The Phoenix will emerge from the ashes thus winning free spins.

These are only two slots that create a buzz. There are dozens of other games by Gamesys slots you can try today.Top

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