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Geco Gaming is one of the newest brands in the online gambling world. It is making its name in the industry. Certainly, many people think this real money gaming company is old. No, it isn’t! It is only three years in the industry. During this time, Geco Gaming uses casino gaming software to create various products. This gambling company gets its license from the United Kingdom. Above all, it is coming with force. Also, some people are wondering what will happen in the next few years.

Discover Important Information About Geco Gaming Software

Geco Gaming comes on board with something unique. Have you ever heard of GECO RGS? That is what the gaming company calls a new strategy. The name stands for Gaming Engine Co-operative Remote gambling Server.

Certainly, the bottom line is that they aim at helping gambling companies. It does so through its casino gaming software. GECO RGS enables third-party companies to deliver. Very few companies do this in the world.
Game designers that have products will benefit. GECO RGS is a robust interface. Furthermore, with the help of this interface, designers will get their ideas rolling. Finally, they will remove them from the drawing board right into online casinos.

Many gaming developers want to reach the whole world. That is not the aim of Geco gaming. This gaming developer only targets a specific audience. They make their products for UK residents and Australia . In contrast, that is the reason why Geco Gaming gets its license from the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. Hence, the other licensing is from Alderney Gaming Control Board.

Above all, the products are available on Flash and HTML5. Furthermore, you do not need to be a tech nerd to what this means. In simple terms, it means you can play their games on desktops. Hence, you can also play all games from this company using your mobile phone.

Free To Play Casino Games

There are many games you can associate with this gaming company. The following are some of the free to play games:

· 88 coins.
· Nauticus.
· Mystic Gems.
· Treasure Compass.
· Time Gamble.
· Scatter Brains.
· Treasure Pond.

As mentioned earlier, the company is in existence since 2014. When we go on that date, this is a new company. But that doesn’t mean this is the start.

Geco’s formation comes from two gaming companies coming together. The two gaming companies are famous. They have experience.

You may beware of:

· The Gaming Lab.
· Wagermill.

Geco Gaming
The two gaming companies come together to form Geco Gaming. That is why some people who know the history don’t see Geco as new. When Geco is born, it finds everything ready. It builds on this basis. The gaming company does not struggle from scratch. Many gaming companies have to struggle on their own.Want something different, try Cyber Spins.

Mark Paling Is The CEO Of Geco Gaming

Mark Paling is the CEO of the gaming company. Chief Operating Officer is Aaron Neil-Stevens. The COO’s base is in Sydney, Australia. Neil has experience in the gambling industry that goes back over ten decades. The other guy in the top management team is Daniel Burns. He comes to Geco Gaming with over 20 years of experience.


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