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Live 5 Gaming

Are you looking for the largest and most diverse collection of games under the sun? Above all, this may be embarrassing, because Live 5 Gaming is not for you. This independent company works out the United Kingdom and has a few titles available. Above all, this makes them be the smallest developers in the industry L5G has something you will take home. The gaming company has a few games. But they are cute Although the company does not show many slots online, it is imposing. Their style and innovation from the few games are outstanding. They also have a strong partnership making them feature in most of the top online sites.

Learn About The Live 5 Gaming Software Solutions

The founder of the company is Roy Howell. They put their first game in 2015. They are working to become one of the top independent developers in the UK. The firm is Essington-based; it has strong connections throughout the industry. They are spending much of their time working on quality and not quantity. The company has only two titles available in online casinos. The two titles cover different themes. Both feature stylish but straightforward cartoonish graphics with the bright and colorful presentation. They also allow players to take part in various levels with different rates to return.
Live 5 Gaming Software | Choose Slot Machines By Developer

The Latest Game Is Stairway to Heaven

The gaming developer gives users an opportunity to ascend to higher levels. Also, this is through gameplay. Many players prefer to spend money to gain access to these features. The company’s latest game is Stairway to Heaven. This machine presents a beautiful setting. It comes with the reels sitting right in front of the pearly gates that sit in the foyer to Heaven. There are the puffy clouds and blue skies making it look like a real haven game.

The real action takes place on this five-reel, 20 pay lines machine. The players can customize how much they bet per line and the number of lines they desire to play. Certainly, this is an essential feature that suppers other games.

The Average Return To The Player

Return To Player is 86% at the least bet; the return increases to 95% when you bet with $2 per spin. The game allows the players to ascend to level nine via some gameplay features. The highest bet starts at level four. The real enjoyment is in the several special features of the game. You will get a free spins if you find the final symbol of the stairway to heaven. Here you will get a free spin at the next highest level and will earn many super spins. The Devil’s wheel bonus will take you down to hell to capture more prizes.

Live 5 Gaming Software Creates Airline Themed Slot Machines

Another title available is the original Live five creation. It is a five-reel 20-line game with airline theme. It also has four betting systems. Live5 uses the languages of the airline business, and low-stake players are in economy class. Live 5 Gaming is developing its business around a core philosophy of three tenets. It is also working to create a relationship with potential partners.

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