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Paf is a gaming company that has a unique territory. Those who know Paf will tell you many beautiful things. But we are going to share some that our writers know. First, PAF is a gaming company that hails from Finland. The interesting part about this gaming developer is that it has a particular territory. There are chances that there is no other gaming developer like it. Paf has its territory.

Many people know this gambling company for operating casino activities on ferries. Although the company does other things, her main clients are casinos in boats. Indeed the company has a unique client base. Usually, the ships this gaming company deals with come from Aland Island. The company does something else. It runs a very successful gambling site. The name of the website is . This site uses the company’s development.

Learn About PAF Gaming Software Solutions

The software that supports this online casino belongs to the company. Do you think the gaming company displays other companies’ games? Yes! When you visit, you will realize that a majority of the games belong to the companies. But there is more. If you take a closer look, you will see casino slot games from other developers. Looking at the number of things the company does, you’ll agree that there is work. Yes, the company has a lot to do. Part of the work includes operating different casinos on ferries.

The Process Of Developing Excellent Games

The other work is the development of games. Above all, this is not a simple job. It is quite involving. Employees of this gaming company need to research, develop, and later distribute. 
That is not all. Now it is time for operating their site. Also, This is the second-busiest job. Ensuring that the site is up to date is not a simple thing. The site needs to have relevant, accurate, and latest content. All these need a lot of work. The good thing is that the company has enough experience.

The Business Started In 1966

Paf started operations in the gambling market in 1966. According to my calculation, the company is in operation for 52 years! Above all, this is a long time. What many people do not know is that the company does not start a gaming company. It begins as a charitable organization. The initial aim is to raise funds to support different projects.

Newly Formed Charitable Group

From 1966 to 1973, the newly-formed ‘charitable’ group makes a breakthrough. It can collect some money that later helps the needy. Finnish Red Cross and Save, the Children, are in the forefront. Subsequently, a few other local organizations join. Together, they start operating casinos inside ferries. When it hits 1999, the company makes a significant step. This time, it starts working an online casino. All these gambling facilities are under the local government. If you visit the modern, you will find video slots too.

Free to Play PAF Slot Machine Games

1. Animal Farm.
2. Beach Party.
3. Cash & Carry: Shopping Spree.
4. Casino Island.
5. Beach Volley.
6. Bee Together.
7. Big Business.
PAF Gaming Software | Choose Slot Machines By Developer
8. Cash & Carry!
9. Casino Island Deluxe.
10. Fruit Slot.
11. Fun ‘n’ Games.
12. Hockey Heroes.
14. Hot Pot.
15. Jungle Mystery.
16. Casino Island II.
17. Dead Rich.
18. King Vegas.
19. La Petite Patisserie.
20. The Legends of the Colosseum.
21. Little Big Heroes.
22. Lucky Star.
23. Lucky Star: The Voyage.
24· Nordic Summer.

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