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Vancouver, Canada is home to high-tech firms. Some of these firms deal with gambling. That is how Pipeline49 gets itself inside Vancouver. By the way, in case you do not know, this seaport city in Canada is also trending in gaming. So, when you read that a gambling developer hails from Vancouver, you know it is among the best. But you may ask, why 49? The gaming company is in 49 parallel. And when it comes to the pipeline, the gambling business is always ready to create.

In all its years this gaming developer is in operation, it always has something. There is no time you will go to the company, and it has nothing. There must be something in the pipeline. That is how the gaming developer gets the named pipeline. What this means is that each day, there is something for everyone. Players will always get new ways to play Pipeline49 games. Above all, this will enable them to get their hands on fantastic prizes.

Learn About Pipeline49 Gaming Software Solutions

Casino operators, who are the primary clients to the company, will find new ways too. The online casino software provider will always be willing to create these methods. In the end, it will be easier for operators to make money. There is another new thing that is in the pipeline. At least, the gambling company creates a new platform. Every time the company does so, it brings a new element. The product on the pipeline thing is making this gambling business unique. As such, you have every reason to believe whatever comes from this online casino software company.

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Large Selection Of Real Money Casino Games

It is amazing to learn that this gaming company can create anything. When I say anything, it means any real money betting product. After all, isn’t what a gaming developer is? The gaming company can create all sorts of games. The games can include the following:

• Casino slot games.
Table Games.
Video Poker.
Lottery games .

We can say a lot about the capacity and the ability of the company. But there is something. It is true that Pipeline49 deals with several games. The online casino software provider sides itself. It has a specialty game. Designers in the gaming company tend to direct their attention to social games. It is true. If you keenly look at the games from this gaming developer, you’ll notice one thing. Most of the games are highly interactive. What does this tell you? The message is simple. What this means is that a gaming company can create a variety of games. But at the same time, the company can have a specialty. All games from Pipeline49 come in basic HTML5. Also, this means you can use any browser.

Pipeline49 Gaming Software | Choose Slot Machines By Developer

Free to Play Pipeline49 Slot Machines

• Closest to the Pin
• Diamond Double
• Flag 2 Flag
• Mad Science
• Pharaohs Revenge
• Pirate’s Booty
• Sir Cash-A-Lot
• Super Fruit
• Vault Buster

Currently, Pipeline49 is looking to recruit Java and game developers. If you believe that you have the skills this gaming developer needs, submit your CV. Top

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