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Many times when you read about gambling, it is not easy to see Spain. Above all, this does not mean that there is no gambling in Spain. On the contrary! In fact, being in the EU, Spain is one of the vibrant markets. Also, this is where you will hear names like R Franco. R Franco is an online casino software company that is in the market for many years. Speaking of many years, it means this company has experience. Check out the video produced by the gambling producer.

R Franco Digital Casino News

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R Franco Digital

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Learn About The R Franco Gaming Software Solutions

The online casino software company is in operation since 1965! For many years, R Franco is creating gaming products for the land-based market. But the company is making big changes. Recently, the gaming developer announces that it is jumping to the online market. This is what it is doing now. It is like the gambling developer is saying that it is serving the live casino sector for long. It will, however, continue to produce products for her live casino sector. But for now, it wants to join the bandwagon of young developers.

Hot Software news:

They Build 3 Reel Slots

It is going to be easy for this real money gambling company. Why? The many years this gaming company is in operation, it has a lot. It has a lot of information. The developer has its marketing and distribution strategy. It will use it. When it comes to game development , this company has all it can. It has the ability to build 3 Reel Slots. It can also produce 5 Reel Slots.

In its early years of gaming development, R Franco creates only three reel slots. As technology allows, this gaming company comes up with several 5-reel slots. The video slots this gaming company creates are the land-based sector. A few, however, are for the online sector. Above all, this is what the company is doing over the years.

Learn About History

R Franco is among very few companies whose history will take you back 50 years. Many existing companies will take you back some 10, 20, or utmost 30 years. But it is one that goes beyond. During the start, the company has a small workshop in Madrid. Jesus Franco Munoz and Joaquin are the founders.

UK, Latin America, and Italy

It is from this small workshop the two brothers start the company. R Franco is Spain’s first gaming developer! From this humble beginning out of Madrid, R Franco is now a big international company.

By 1970s through 80s, R Franco’s products hit international markets. You can find the company’s products in Norway, Sweden, and France. Other countries where you can find games are Russia, the The United Kingdom, Latin America, and Italy.

Free To Play R Franco Slot Machines

• Bichos.
• Caramelo.
• Caveman.
• Crazy Jungle.
• Draconia.
• Eastern Dreams.
• Extrareel Magic Pot.
• Fruity Cocktail.
• Gnomos Mix.
• Olympic Gold.
• RF Angels.
R Franco Gaming
• RF Confidential.
The Game of Chronos Unicorn.
• The Iron Mask.
• RF Neopolis.
• Royal Fabulous Casino.
• The Game of Chronos.
• RF Big Catch.
• The Game of Chronos Eagle.
• RF Burlesque.
• The Game of Chronos Lion.
• The Perfect Crime.
• Treasures of the 7 Seas.
• Triple Mask.
• Troya.
• Wild West.

It doesn’t matter when R Franco starts its operation. What matters is if it’s giving you the quality you can trust. Top

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