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SGS Universal Gaming Review

There are over 100 SGS Universal slot machines on the market. Above all, this is not our declaration. This gaming software supplier claims so. Our work is to do our study. We need to find out if the claims are real. This gaming software producer hails from Ukraine. The does not have any substantive e-gaming presence. Even so, the gaming software producer has very creative slots. Many of the company’s slot machines on the market come with 3D graphics. The other thing about the games is that they are all HTML5-based. Also, this means that punters can access the games via mobile phones.

Learn About The SGS Universal Gaming Software Solutions

How come a company with HTML5 slots lacks an online presence? Well, it is present online. The only thing is that the level of commitment is little. The only reason why the online presence is minimal is a guess. For a long time, this gaming company is dealing with land-based casinos. So, this may be one reason why the online presence is limited. It is tough to serve two markets at the same time equally. Probably, this is the reason why we don’t see much activity online.

Dozens Of Online Casino Games

Nonetheless, as this gaming producer claims, there are dozens of games online. Most of these games are free to play. However, there are a handful of games that give players a chance to play for real money. But back to the online presence thing, the company is just not savvy on the same. It has not put forth the effort to distribute the games online. Currently, there are only four online casinos that stock SGS Universal slots. Although this is not a small number to start with, there is a reason to do more.

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Wagering software distributor has 9 years in the market

This wagering software distributor has nine years in the market. It started game and software development business in 2009. Although these are nine years, the developer claims to have 30 years. How is this possible? For many years, the company is working as a software distributor. Also, this is not necessarily a games producer. It only gets the title later in its life. But the actual age in the field is 30 years. The company is using these years to do many things. Although it hails from Ukraine, the betting software developer has offices elsewhere.

You can find SGS Universal offices in the UK, the U.S., and in Switzerland. Apart from the headquarters in Ukraine, all these other offices serve as administrative and distribution offices. It is also a good thing to say that this gaming company has a small group. Other companies rush to accumulate a large staff. Also, this is not the case with SGS, which maintains a small operation.

Free To Play SGS Universal Games

Arabian Nights.
• Big City Night.
• Bon Voyage.
• Cabaret.
• Chicago.
• Circus.
SGS Universal Gaming
• Demobee.
Diamond Dreams.
• Cruise.
• Dark Side.
• Dembel.
• Diamond Dreams Deluxe.
• Dwarves.
• Farm Charm.
• Fun Zoo.
• Game of the Bear.
• Golden Fiesta.
• Hunter.
• In Vino.
• La Gelateria.
• Little Green Man.
Lucky Shamrock.
• Magic Forest.
• Pirates.
• Refresher.
• Russian Myth.
• Pretty Housewives.
• Pyramides.
• Reef Treasures.
• Russian Tales.
• Samurai.
• Sheriff’s Life.
• The smile of Fortune.
• Sweet Dream.
• The Mummy.
• Tropicana.
• Viking Expansion.
• Wheels of Fire.
• Happy Holiday.

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