Trop Casino Grenville Review | Best Mississippi Casino

Trop Casino Grenville Review

Are You Ready To Learn Why Trop Casino Greenville Is The Ideal Casino For You To Visit In Mississippi? The Trop Casino Greenville might be a small gaming facility among Mississippi casinos but you would be wrong if you thought that it is never going to measure up to what you need when it comes to finding the right gaming facility.

This casino is found in 199 N Lakefront Road in Greenville. By the way, quite some people flock inside this casino during weekends and public holidays. Some find Trop Casino in Greenville to be the ideal gaming facility to visit with family and friends during weekdays. So, it is tough to say when you cannot find quite some people in the casino.

Nonetheless, here is a quick Trop Casino Greenville view:

• Table games available – 7
• The number of gaming machines -592
• Minimum bet amount $0.01
• There is self-parking as well valet
• The casino is open 24/7
• Amount of casino space is 21, 318 square feet

As you can see, Trop Casino Greenville does not offer convention space. Unlike many Mississippi casinos, all the little area there is all is dedicated to gaming enabling gamers to enjoy various games on the floor. Because the facility is small, you cannot expect it to have as many social amenities as other Mississippi casinos. Nonetheless, the Greenville Inn & Suites that offer exclusive rooms to visitors at an affordable cost of between $99.00 and $500.00 will be another source of joy to you.

You will also find Big Waters Grille the lone restaurant that serves many visitors who check in with delicious meals prepared by experienced chefs.

The Trop Casino In Greenville Mississippi Review

Trop Casino Greenville is found on the recently remodeled and consolidated Jubilee as well as Lighthouse Casinos in what many people refer to as the historic Greenville, a downtown with an affluent lifestyle in Mississippi.

Before the casino officially opened on May 14, 2012, the operator used approximately $7 million in renovations. Since then, so many things have been gradually improving on the facility.

Some of the adjustments that were done at the facility three years ago in 2014 include doubling the number of slot machines that were available inside the casino, introduction a family-style restaurant that has a spectacular lake view, a parking garage with two-level stage and an entertainment stage among other things.
Trop Casino Grenville Review | Best Mississippi Casino
Right adjacent to the casino floor is where you can find the restaurant that allows for quick service of serve and goes. It is interesting to note that 43 nicely furnished hotel rooms offer exclusive slumber services in Mississippi. The forty-three hotel rooms are located in a three-story building that is just at a walking distance. But if you do not feel like walking the Resort has a shuttle that plies to and from the casino.

Facts About The Trop Casinos Gaming

As mentioned in the previous section, all the available space in Trop Casino Grenville dedicated to gaming. Inside the facility, you can find 7 table games and close to 600 gaming machines.
Popular games offered are:
• Craps
• blackjack
• Slot machines
• Video Poker
• 3 Card Poker

For more information call (662) 334 7711 or visit

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