Silver Star Casino At Pearl River Choctaw Review

Silver Star Casino At Pearl River Choctaw

Is Silver Star Casino At Pearl River Choctaw In Philadelphia The Ideal Weekend Destination? It is true that although you have visited many Mississippi Casinos online, maybe you have not realized something significant, that particular gaming facilities are best suited for the weekend than others.

I’m not in any way saying that visiting or even staying in these casinos during other days of the week is boring. No! The message here is you can get a lot more activities taking place during the weekend than different days of the week. Besides, end of the weekdays provides one with ample time to enjoy whatever they planned to because somehow there is a little bit of time compared to the other days.

Now that we can at least agree on that, why can we say that being at Silver Star Casino at Pearl River Choctaw during the weekend is ideally the best decision you can ever make? Mostly, it is because, during that time, the casino is fully loaded with new arrivals in the world of gaming.

Yes, you can get to enjoy to the fullest some new games, such as slots and other table games. Besides, several classic games will get to remind you of the good old days when you could walk from a casino on one side of Mississippi to the other. You can get to enjoy all those games inside Silver Star Casino at Pearl River Choctaw that is located at 13550 Highway 16 West in Philadelphia Mississippi.


About The Silver Star Casino

The Pearl River Resort in Philadelphia, Mississippi, contains the Silver Star Hotel & Casino (Choctaw). The Golden Moon Casino is located across Mississippi Highway 16 West, and the Dancing Rabbit Inn & Golf Club and Geyser Falls Waterpark are only a short distance away.The 2 casinos have a total floor space of more than 100,000 square feet.

The majority of the resort’s facilities, including the lion’s share of restaurants, event center, and spa, are all contained within Silver Star. A poker room is shared by both casinos in the retail plaza that joins them together.

The Resort offers four types of lodging. The Dancing Rabbit Inn, Silver Star Hotel, Golden Moon Hotel, and either executive suites at the Dancing Rabbit Clubhouse are the four options. There are two 18-hole Pate/Fazio golf courses with a total area of 700 acres on site.

The Silver Star Convention Center is home to the current top name performers. The casinos are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


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Apart from gaming, which has been given priority by the native American tribe who own and run this casino, you will also enjoy some amenities. They include Geyser Falls Water Theme Park, Silver Star Convention Center, Spa & Salon, and for golf lovers, there is the Dancing Rabbit Golf Club that is at the Oaks Course.

Do not be worried about where you will be spending your night from because at the Silver Star Casino at Pearl River Choctaw; you can get a neatly spread bed at a rate of between $129.00 and $130.00 per night.

Even before you think of sleeping, you might like the idea of taking your favorite meal from one of the five restaurants at the facility.



The 90,000-square-foot Silver Star Casino at Pearl River Resort has approximately 2,500 slots, video poker, and video keno machines.

The casino offers 5,000+ table games including blackjack, three-card poker, and mini-baccarat.

Take the covered skyway over the highway for a short walk and you’ll arrive at even more machines at Golden Moon Casino.

The Pearl River Poker Room is located on the retail boulevard between Silver Star and Golden Moon.


The five Silver Star Casino Pearl River restaurants that open 24/7 are:



Silver Star Casino at Pearl River Choctaw together with another casino Golden Moon, have an aggregate gaming space of some 100, 000 square feet where you can find some 2, 500 gaming machines and 75 table games. Also, give silverstar casino online.

It is interesting to note that the casino’s poker room, Pearl River Poker Room is located in between the two casinos. Available games in the facility include Casino Holdem, roulette, Video Poker, mini roulette, Mini-Baccarat, Craps, Slot machines, Electronic Keno and many others. For more information call (601) 650-1234 or visit

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