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Welcome to the Age Of Discovery Slots Reviews.Do you love to discover something? Well, nobody can deny the fact that they discovered something they did not know or had at first. That is exactly what you’ll expect when playing Age of Discovery Slots. Many things can be said of Age of Discovery Slots, but one thing is certainly for sure: with a huge 25 pay lines and five reels, anyone can aptly say it is a complicated yet easy-to-follow video slot.

How To Play Age Of Discovery Slots Online

Age of Discovery Slots gives every gamer a chance to leave their respective comfort zones to the wild of filthy riches thus the discovery. Each player has to walk through beautiful and delicious delicacies.

However, there are also potential dangers some of which are subtle. But until a player knows how to overcome the serious threats, the game will be an absurd for them.

But the designers of the Age of Discovery Slots game have set a good precedent in helping out their clients; the gamers locate the riches. One way they have ensured this is possible is by availing a symbol of the wild coin and the compass icon that will certainly help gamers find the hidden treasures.

The Real Age Of Discovery Slots

Age of Discovery Slots is set on a real historical treasure expedition which was initiated by the Europeans in the 15th century through to the 18th.

A few individuals from these nations embarked on a worldwide campaign of sourcing out what different countries considered treasures. Getting the needed back from their respective governments’ travelers such as Christopher Colombus and others set sail in search of real wild treasures.

While critics claim that the explorations brought nothing but desperation to the countries and regions explored, there are those who argue differently. Those who are pro the exploration say that the journey of discovery resulted in various plants brought to the areas where explorers visited.

Some even mention the emerging of avocadoes, bananas, mangoes, papayas, pomegranates, and several other exotic foods to these lands. It is on such rich-in-experience voyages Age of Discovery Slots has been set.

Playing Age of Discovery Slots

Before players find the best way to match the strategy of playing this video slot, it is important for them to expect a vast scope of wagering permutations. Besides, players need to select pay lines from 1 through to the 25th pay line.

Also, you need to choose which coin size you can play on whether it is 0.01 being the lowest of all currency values to 0.50, which is the highest coin value.

Other gamers decide to play with all the available pay line with all the available coins. When they do this, the belief of bettering winning chances becomes evident.

An ancient world of exploration

While Age of Discovery Slots sets an excellent pace in the ancient world of exploration, it might not give you the best in graphics and design. Granted, there are those who say that with the 2D design, it is a perfect match for the years of exploration when there wasn’t much technological advancement such as 3D.Top

Jack Gold

Jack Gold

Jack Goldstone grew up in Poland in a very small and Suburban town until he was 7 years old when his family migrated to San Francisco, California where his grandparents lived.  He spent a lot of time with his grandfather, who taught him how to play poker when he was very young.  Having a fascination with video games and their graphics, he enjoyed poker and always thought on how he could use his skills for video games. In high school, Jack and his friends would spend hours playing Nintendo and Sega Genesis. He began to ask his friends if they would like to place a wager on the outcome of the game (and this was way before esports betting). He felt it made the games even more exciting and eventually taught his friends how to play poker. Jack put his himself through San Francisco State University by playing in poker tournaments in the San Fransisco area. While he was a junior in 2015, he joined to cover poker news and eventually started to cover the entire igaming industry. Since then, Jack has graduated from San Francisco State University with a degree in finance and began to start his career trading stocks and continuing to work at In Jack's free time, he likes to cook (specifically grill), play paintball, and wine tasting.

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