Cardbit Casino Apps

Cardbit Casino apps have become more popular as real money gamblers have been making Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals. If you are looking to play online slot machines or any casino game for real money using cryptocurrency, you can use Card Bit for crypto deposits and withdrawals. If you are not familiar with Cardbit, they are a credit and debit card that allows you to buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies anonymously online. Most people that enjoy playing real money gambling games use Bitcoin, 門羅, and other altcoins. Over the past few years, crypto gamblers have been using digital wallets and pre-paid debit cards like Cardbit, which has benefited.


  • 獨特的累積獎金遊戲
  • 接受來自世界各地的玩家
  • 1百萬美元全站累積獎金
  • 快速支出

What Are The Best Online Casinos Accepting Cardbit?

As you can see below, CryptoSlots Casino is one of the best online casinos accepting Cardbit.

CrytoSlots Casino Accepts Cardbit Debit Cards

Cardbit is a digital wallet that also acts as a digital asset exchange like 幣安 Furthermore, they allows real money gamblers to load cryptocurrency and gamble anonymously using their 萬事達 credit and debit cards. With Card Bit you can buy and sell 比特幣 after loading your deibit / credit Card or SEPA using cash. Also, businesses have the ability to create cryptocurrency invoices using credit and debit / card. Additionally, people and businesses can use this as a payment method that has multiple payout options. 閱讀更多 about CryptoSlots to get the biggest welcome bonuses on the Internet.


  • 接受美國玩家
  • 獨特的賭場遊戲
  • 優秀的軟件
  • 優質的客戶服務
  • 快速支出
  • 在線聊天
  • 驚人的獎金

Slotland Casino Accepts Cardbit Debit Cards

Slotland is another online casino that accepts Cardbit. Furthermore, when you have a Card Bit MasterCard or 簽證, allegedly, you will be able to use it as a European bank account. That said, it seems that you will have an International Bank Account Number (IBAN). Ultimately, this may give you may options to gamble anonymously. Moreover, the Card Bit card connects to the SEPA network and you can deposit and withdrawal money anywhere in the world using ATM’s. 閱讀更多 about playing real money gambling games at Slotland. Also, use our no deposit bonus code to claim your free chips without making a deposit.


  • 體育博彩
  • 競賽簿
  • 撲克室
  • 幾種類型的賭場軟件
  • 超過500台老虎機
  • Generous sign up bonus
  • variety of contests
  • Best sportsbook props for big in industry
  • Several daily live betting options

WinADay Casino Accepts Card Bit Debit Cards

Another one of the top cryptocurrency casinos that accepts the Cardbit debit and credit card is WinADay. Using Cardbit at WinADay allows you to have safe, secure transactions using their certified systems. Also, this contactless technology doesn’t require a local bank account. All you need to-do is to log into your online banking account to see your transactions and balances. 閱讀更多 about WinADay and claim your free spins using our no deposit bonus codes.

Cardbit Casino Apps | Best Online Casinos Accepting Cardbit

Use A All-In One API

At Cardbit, you can use their all-in-one API as much as you want or need. Furthermore, it appears you can pay or get paid for products using Bitcoins easily. Using this online banking option, you have the best tools to make depositing and to withdraw from online casinos that accept Cardbit.

At Cardbit, you can rest assured as they have high-level security. According to its official website, top-level security is their highest priority. Moreover, they use 3D secure transaction confirmations, which add an extra layer of Internet security. Also, they allow customers to use two-step authentication.

At Card Bit, they have a PCI DSS compliant security standard platform. Using this security platform to process online casino transactions allows you to utilize the latest set of requirements. They do this by using the PCI DSS v3.2 standard. Additionally, Card Bit says that you don’t store any of your personal data.



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