Wuhan Coronavirus In USA Closes Oregon Casino

Wuhan Coronavirus In USA Closes Oregon Casino
Just about every media outlet in the country has been posting daily headlines on the Wuhan Coronavirus In USA. Attention has been diverted from its origins in China to its current impact in the US.

More and more states are joining the list with a confirmed case within its borders. It appears that this list is only going to grow longer by the day. Indeed, the first US Casino affected by the virus. Wildhorse Resort and Casino In Oregon had an employee test positive. The decision to close for business soon followed. This was the first time this real money casino venue was not open for business in 25 years. This is also how long Wildhorse has been around after opening in 1994.

When Does The Wuhan Coronavirus In USA Close Down This Oregon Casino?

The move is designed as a precautionary measure against further outbreaks. The ‘presumptive positive’ test result is behind this decision in the absence of any other possible Wuhan Coronavirus In USA cases. All hotel reservations and community events were also canceled or put on hold.

According to the East Oregonian news source, an adult male has been transported to a Washington hospital in Walla Walla. The casino has been undergoing a deep cleaning procedure and is hoping to reopen on Tuesday, March 10.

A spokesperson for the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Reservation helped clarify the situation. The employee worked in a confined area of the casino. He reportedly had no contact with any customers.

At the time this case was first discovered, there were two previous confirmed cases in Oregon.

They were both located in the Portland Metro area. As of last week, there were over 100 confirmed cases of the virus nationally with six deaths and eight recoveries. This was according to Johns Hopkins University. Those numbers have expanded since then. So have the 93,000 cases worldwide.

Washington has experienced the most outbreaks in the US. King County, just east of Seattle was mentioned by name with multiple reports of the virus. Also mentioned near that metro area was Snohomish. This is located northeast of Seattle.

The Coronavirus was first discovered in Wuhan, China. The number of infected people reached over 80,000 in mainland China by early March. The death toll at that time was over 3,000.

The casinos in Macao closed their doors for business as a result. That took place in February and it last two weeks as a precautionary measure. They have since reopened for business.

The whole situation remains fluid on a daily basis. Every state, as well as the federal government, has taken a very proactive stance in reducing the impact of the virus. Yet, the highly contagious aspect of the Wuhan Coronavirus In USA strain has made the situation a bit more dire.

The fact that commercial properties are taking the outbreak serious is a positive sign. Reducing exposure while treating affected parties as soon as possible is a step in the right direction. The US stock market continues to be impacted by investor concerns. It has started this week down four digits in early trading.

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Wuhan Coronavirus In USA Closes Oregon Casino
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Wuhan Coronavirus In USA Closes Oregon Casino
Wuhan Coronavirus In USA Affects First US Casino. Wildhorse Resort and Casino In Oregon had an employee test positive.
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