Is Betting Political Props Online One of The Only Games in Town?

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Is Betting Political Props Online One of The Only Games in Town

The coronavirus has put an end to many daily activities to slow down its spread. Sports was one of the first casualties with games and events canceled or postponed. March Madness for college basketball has been replaced with the everyday madness that this virus has caused. With all sporting events closed, what other options does anyone have besides betting politics online? Well, you can take advantage of eSports betting where you can wager on the outcome of a video game. Also, there are some but a limited amount of horse races still going on.

Is Betting Political Props Online Really The One of The Only Games in Town?

With no live sports on the board, the best mobile Sportsbook apps are left scrambling for things their customers can bet on. Furthermore, this has made this site’s political betting props even more popular than they previously were. That said, betting political props online is one of the best games in town.

The 2020 race to the White House tops the list with the presidential election less than eight months away. It is basically down to Donald Trump for the Republicans as the incumbent. He is running against former Democratic Vice President Joe Biden as the clear frontrunner. Vermont senator Bernie Sanders is still in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination. However, he is close to ending his bid after a dismal performance in most state primaries.

Bovada casino’s first betting option on the current board is which party will win the 2020 presidential election. Before the coronavirus became front-page news on a daily basis, the Republicans were listed as heavy favorites. The betting public has gone the other way during this current crisis with -115 betting odds for either party.

Next up are the betting odds for the Democratic nomination . Biden is a prohibitive favorite at -1100. However, Hillary Clinton is actually second on the list at +1400 followed by Sanders at longer +2000 odds. Also on the shortlist are Andrew Cuomo and Michelle Obama at +3000.

US President Donald Trump is still an overwhelming favorite to get his party’s nomination at -2500. Yet, those odds were as high as -5000 before the coronavirus outbreak in the US. Vice President Mike Pence is next at +1600. He is followed by Nikkie Haley at +3300 odds. Mitt Romney is also on the board at +8000.

US President Donald Trump gets the slight nod to win the general election as a -105 favorite. Former Vice President Joe Biden has closed the gap at even +100 betting odds. Sanders is third at +4000 with Cuomo and Pence rounding out the Top 5 at +5000.

A new prop bet on the board covers which Trump cabinet member is next to leave their post. Alex Azar tops this list at +120 as US President Donald Trump’s Secretary of Health and Human Services.

Another new prop covers US President Donald Trump’s chances to actually complete his first term.

The odds heavily favor YES at -775 (+450 for NO). However, it is rather interesting that this prop has been added to the lineup. Back when Donald was knee deep in the Russian probe, this prop first surfaced. It was also on the board when he was first impeached.

Staying with the impacts of the current health crises, the odds overwhelmingly favor a recession during Trump’s first term. The posted odds for YES are -850 with +475 odds the country avoids a recession in 2020.

This is just a small sampling of the long list of political props Bovada has added in recent days.

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Is Betting Political Props Online One of The Only Games in Town?
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Is Betting Political Props Online One of The Only Games in Town?
With All Sporting Events Canceled, Are Betting Political Props Online, eSports, & Racebook Wagering The Only Games in Town?
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