Casino Operator To Win $1 Million Thanks To NCAA’s Tournament Michigan Win

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Casino Operator To Win $1 Million Thanks To NCAA’s Tournament Michigan Win

Derek Stevens will be a happy man soon if lucky plays on his favor. Many people including this casino operator from Las Vegas Nevada are eagerly waiting for the right time for Derek to pocket at least $1 million, money that will be given to him courtesy of Michigan attaining position 1 in the NCAA tournament.

Stevens is hopeful that day will be too soon because his team has not shown any signs that it is giving anything at a chance.

According to confirmed sources, just 6 days ago, on the 4th of March, Derek decided to spend a handsome amount of his money when he placed $12, 500 on a side he trusts will win the tournament.

If indeed Wolverines wins the tournament, Derek will go on record as one of the few bettors who will make real money online casino gambling sites a true source of their wealth.

Wolverines, who are pressing hard towards achieving the trophy are currently on the Sweet 16, a level that if any team reaches at the point does not want to lose by putting forth whatever necessary effort in order to clinch the title.

The team has also shown that it will not disappoint Derek, who said last weekend that he is waiting for the day Michigan is announced the NCAA champion.

“Although I’m very optimistic that Wolverines will win the trophy, I cannot fathom what can happen on me once I receive $1 million. This would be the best prize that I’ll win so far. I’m eagerly waiting for the day,” Derek said last weekend.

Just yesterday, Stevens went on social media to say how excited he is to learn that he is not too far from collecting the $1 million.

On what was seen as a message that came ahead of time, Derek wrote, “I’ve a million to collect. Being at Sweet 16 is a surely that I am very close to receiving my $1 m! It’ll be fun why lie.”

Michigan’s elevation to Sweet 16 was boosted yesterday when it sunk Louisville, the no. 2 seed. They came from behind to emerge crowns of the day when they garnered 73 against 69.

After the win over Louisville, they are now up as no. 7 seed. Click here to read how Las Vegas Hotels Continue To Rank Top Among Travel Accommodations Across The U.S.

According to the schedule, Michigan will tackle Oregon, the no.3 seed. The match will take place in the City of Kansas. If they win the match, they will remain with one obstacle before they clinch the title as Derek receives his $1 million prize.

Latest odds indicate that for Wolverines to win, odds should be 18-1.


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