Foxwoods Casino Turns A Blind Ear To Fatality Because Of Gaming Compact?

Did Foxwoods Casino Turn A Blind Ear To Fatality Because Of Gaming?

You will not know how a patron dies on a property. This is what is happening in Connecticut casinos online. This is due to a gaming compact in Connecticut.

Many people do not know this gaming compact. Because of this binding agreement, the management will not say a thing. Police at the Mashantucket Pequot are under oath.

They will do whatever possible to protect visitors. It is not to reveal information about the casino. This is not a criminal incident. If it were criminal, they would work hard.

Did Foxwoods Casino Turn A Blind Ear To Fatality Because Of Gaming Compact?

Police sources say it was an in-house injury. Sources say that police respond to an escalator injury at around 1 AM. That is on October 24, 2017.

The guest later dies in hospital. That is the information. No further details.

Later, Lori Potter, the Mashantucket Police spokeswoman says something.

“Our work is to protect guests. We also report criminal acts. The rest we don’t. The agreement does not talk about non-criminal acts. We cannot add what is not part of the agreement. We cannot comment on that.”

Police are at liberty to do what the law says. They are protecting the patrons. But this is not what legal experts say.
Did Foxwoods Casino Turn A Blind Ear To Fatality Because Of Gaming?
They are questioning many things. For example, they want to know how police decide.

Experts are wondering how police know the cause of death. Is it by criminal acts or it is by non-criminal acts? The work of the police is to take care of the people and property.

The other duty is to report deaths within their jurisdictions. It is not their work to investigate. There is another team. But they must work together. They cannot keep quiet.

New London County State’s Attorney shares a different opinion. Michael Regan says that the matter of serious concern. Regan argues the same way as legal experts.

“It is the work of all police departments to report untimely deaths. If an accident truly looks accidental, they need to ask us. They need to hear our side. We need to give our input. We will also await the outcome of an autopsy. You see! Nobody will know. Until the autopsy report is out, nobody is certain,” Regan says.

Foxwoods casino online industry looks sparkling. There are a few incidents, but overall everything is okay. It is recently another report comes out.

It involved another person. The person met death on the 14th floor. Such are suicide cases. Police need to report. Something more than suicide will happen.

“We believe these incidents occur more frequently than Foxwoods is thinking. There will be many if something doesn’t take place,” lawyer Edward Gasser says.

MOA Permits Secrecy

It is now three years since Mashantucket and Connecticut agree to ‘keep secrets.’ According to the MOA, not all cases will go to the public.

It is okay with criminal activities. But if it is an accident, it is needless. Noncriminal incidents remain within. Nobody should know.

Thais are what experts are warning against. It will have an impact on Connecticut casino online. This will later affect Foxwoods casino online sector.

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