New Hampshire State Rejects Casino Bill

New Hampshire Casino Gambling

New Hampshire State Rejects Casino Bill

It is a heartbreak for the people of New Hampshire especially those who for a long time have thought that at one point, the state would legalize gambling.

Although the Senate approved a bill for the state to legalize casino gambling, the House rejected the bill, leaving many operators who have been anticipating to make real money online casino gambling sites a great deal if the state would finally approve the Senate’s proposal.

Local newspapers praised Senator Lou D’Allesandro for his tireless efforts of introducing casino proposal before the Senate. This week’s bill that was thrown away by the House was his 19th casino project! It is now evident that the people of New Hampshire will not get any casino gambling liberalization soon because according to the law, the bill has been thrown out of any deliberations for at least two years.

His efforts to see gamblers from his state have a measure of freedom that includes betting from home, the state’s gaming facilities established after the legalization has hit a hard rock again.

House Representatives who were in the forefront in the rejecting of the casino bill argued that if gambling is formally allowed in the state, it will harm other established businesses. They also said that gambling hurts any society where it is allowed.

In his noble defense, Senator D’Allesandro said that their claims did not have any basis. He asserted that residents are already fed up with Radio and Television gambling ads engineered by ‘greedy’ gaming operators from neighboring states.

The Senator maintained that by legalizing gambling activities in the state, and it will generate revenue from gaming facilities that will be licensed to operate. The legalization provides thousands with employment, give the residents a chance to bet from facilities within their lovely state thus giving them their fundamental right, and giving some enthusiastic individuals an opportunity to invest. All these, the House tarnished saying that gambling cannibalized already established business.

In an early interview with a local journal, the gambling enthusiast argued that it is wrong for state’s authorities to sit and watch buses ferry residents in neighboring states to gamble.

“It’s sad that the state has done nothing while our people get into buses every day to go and do some things elsewhere while they would do them in New Hampshire. Investors get a lot of money by placing adverts on our TVs, and we blindly send our people to them, thus taking them our money,” D’Allesandro said.


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