Red Rock Casino Players Wins $303,000 Bad Beat Jackpot Playing At The $4-$8 Limit Hold’em Table

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BetOnline Casino Pays Out $170,425.40 Bad Beat Jackpot Payout

There’s nothing worse in poker than having a really strong hand only to be beaten but the other player’s monster combination of cards. The feeling that you got lucky but just not lucky enough to get any poker player down. Fortunately, some casinos offer a lifeline in the shape of a bad beat jackpot. This way you can score really being even if your four-of-the-same got beaten. Even better, bad beat jackpot delivers cash to everyone else sitting at the same table.

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A Losing Hand Brings Luck to the Red Rock Player

That’s exactly what happened Thursday night at the Red Rock Casino in Vegas Valley. A low-stakes limit hold’em poker game turned into a night one player will never forget. According to the Station Casinos, the owner of the Red Rock, one of the players hit the bad beat jackpot worth a whopping $303,000. The player who triggered the jackpot with her loss had identified herself only as Maria R.

The whole thing happened at the $4-$8 limit Hold’em table. The player who ended up winning the bad beat jackpot was dealt quad threes. At that point, she probably thought that she had the pot in the bag. However, she was unpleasantly surprised when another player at the table revealed a hand with a seven-high straight flush in hearts. Still, little did Maria know that her losing hand is going to land her more money than she would have ever imagined.

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223 Players Get the Share of the Prize

As she lost with for same cards in hands, the bad bead jackpot was triggered, paying out cash to players across Station Casinos poker rooms. The largest share of the winnings went to Maria whose quad threes earned her $45,469. The winner of the hand, who had a straight flush, took home more than a decent amount of $45,469. Eight players who were at the wining table at that point, each scored $1,895 just for being there. They also won a piece of the prize that went to all Station Casino players who were active when the jackpot struck. Every play won almost a thousand dollars, or $952, to be more precise.

Per Stations Casinos’ statement, a total of 223 players qualified for their share of the payout. 118 of them were playing at the same casino as Maria at the time, the Red Rock. Boulder Station’s poker room saw 43 of their players take the cash, while there were 62 eligible players at the Santa Fe Station’s poker room.

Bad Beat Jackpot at Station Casinos

Station Casinos have a bad beat progressive jackpot going on all the time and it grows every day. So, the longer the streak without a win (or, in this case, a loss), the more money in the pot for everyone. The qualifying criteria for the winning hand start at the four queen’s beats.

However, the qualifying hand often gets lowered as we’ve seen on Thursday. Whenever the bad beat jackpot is triggered, the player with the eligible losing hand wins 15% of the total jackpot. The winner of the hand gets slightly less, 10% of the pot. Players at the winning table share 5% of the prize, while the remaining 70% is shared among all the active Station Casino players.


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