Silver Nugget Casino Review | Las Vegas Casino Ratings

Silver Nugget Casino Ratings


Are You Ready For The Silver Nugget Casino Las Vegas Exclusive Gaming Experience? There is no doubt that The Silver Nugget Casino in Las Vegas is the ideal place in Las Vegas for anyone who is seeking contemporary gaming. The facility is located in Boulevard, Las Vegas and open to all gaming enthusiasts both local and international.

It is a reasonably big gaming facility among Nevada Casinos and that it doesn’t take one so long before locating where the service is. The operator, Silver Nugget Gaming is one of the favorite gaming entities in the whole of Las Vegas having been in the gaming industry for many years.

It is built on a parcel of land that is 14 acres, which include some 14, 000 square feet that are dedicated to gambling. Although the primary gambling business is being carried out by Silver Nugget management, there are some sections of the company that has been leased to other private gaming operators. For instance, Leroy’s race & Sports Book operates the only sportsbook in Silver Nugget Casino.

Among other things you can find in the facility is bingo as well as a bowling center. There is something that you might find appealing with Silver Nugget Casino. For instance, did you know that it is in Silver Nugget Casino where you will find live boxing matches?

Well, that is no surprise to those that know Silver Nugget. In fact, while other facilities abolished or have never been interested in the hosting of a boxing match even if it was once, Silver Nugget Casino has remained to be the only facility in the entire Las Vegas, at least among Nevada casinos that offer gaming activities to retain boxing.

The first modern match in the history of North Vegas was conducted inside the boxing arena of Silver Nugget casino on September 30, 2008. However, that was not the last fight. In fact, the property has made deliberate plans to ensure that in future more boxing tournament involving local and international boxers will be held in the arena on a regular basis.

The Silver Nugget Casino In Las Vegas History

In fact, Silver Nugget Casino has a unique history. Many things stand out when you talk about Silver Nugget. For example, it is good to mention that among all Nevada casinos, it was Silver Nugget Casino that allowed first female card dealers back in 1966.

Although many things and changes had taken place since 1966, when the facility went on record to be the first facility to have female card dealers, there is something notable that took place recently. The purchase of the property by Silver Nugget Gaming at the cost of $23.8 million in 2007 is in itself a remarkable thing.
Silver Nugget Casino Review | Las Vegas Casino Ratings
However, it is also important to point out that the price also includes an Opera house casino, which is closely linked to the main building. Jeffrey Fine is the owner and is known to be the lone operator of several other coffee beans as well as tea leaf locations across Las Vegas.

A few weeks before the televising of the boxing match, the casino sold 12 acres that were lying vacant leaving the property with a small portion of the land.


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