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Silver Slipper Casino Resort Review


Is It Time To Enjoy Gambling Inside Silver Slipper Casino? Are you convinced that you’ve got the best gaming experience among Mississippi casinos? Well, if your answer is yes, then you are very far from being right. There is more than you need to explore. Yes, there is quite a lot that you haven’t seen and experienced that is right inside Mississippi casinos.

By the way, this is not an exaggeration. The ugly truth is that there is something unique about Mississippi casinos that you haven’t explored. For instance, have you ever checked in Silver Slipper Casino that is located at 5000 South Beach Boulevard in Bay Saint Louis? If not, then you are missing an experience of a lifetime.

Here is a quick view of the Silver Slipper Casino:

• Gaming machines available – 959
• Available table games – 25
• Minimum bet amount – $0.01
• Silver Slipper Casino is open 24/7
• There is plenty space for both self and valet parking
• Casino space is 36, 826 square feet

You will also have a chance to enjoy the Stage Bar venue, the Silver Slipper Casino poker room among other social amenities.
After enjoying some form of gaming, you might also want to grab a bite. There are three restaurants that are attached to Silver Slipper casino that is ready to serve you ready-made meals. Besides, if you have a particular type of food that you’d prefer to be prepared for you, the chefs at the restaurants will be more than glad to help you make it.

What is more is that these restaurants are open 24/7. That means you will access meals any time whether day or night.
Check out these three restaurants:

• Jubilee Buffet
• Palm Court Café
• Blue Bayou Bar & Grill

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Silver Slipper Casino Complete Review

Much is interesting about the Silver Slipper Casino that many people do not know including those that believe they have explored Mississippi casinos.

It is important to note that this gaming resort is wholly owned and operated by Full House Resorts, a company that hails from Las Vegas Nevada.
Silver Slipper Casino Resort Review | Mississippi Casinos
Although the gaming floor might look small, with some 36, 000 square feet, according to some people, this space is ideal for your gaming experience. Come to think of it: isn’t small better? Well, this gaming space is filled with close to a thousand gaming machines, most of which are modern gaming machines with a few having a classic touch.

Additionally, some 25 table games have been evenly spread throughout the gaming floor. The three restaurants at the facility namely Palm Court Café, The Jubilee Buffet, and The Blue Bayou Bar all remain open to visitors 24/7.

Silver Slipper Casino Gaming Facts

There is nothing that has been given priority in the Silver Slipper Casino as gaming. In fact, if you have looked intently at this review, there has not been anywhere we’ve mentioned meeting or convention space as is the case with other Mississippi Casinos.

All the available space has been set aside for gaming with favorite games such as Keno, Video Poker, Mississippi Stud w/3 Card PokerFour Card Poker, Casino Holdem,Six Card Poker, 21+3, Roulette, Slot machines; Blackjack Double Deck and Progressive 3 Card Poker among other notable games. For more information about Silver Slipper Casino call (228) 469 2777 or visit

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