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Westin Las Vegas Hotel Review


The Max Casino at Westin Las Vegas is located at 160 East Road in Las Vegas. It may look a small casino in size, but there are indeed very many reasons why you need to visit Nevada Casinos. For instance, take a look at some of the social amenities and gaming equipment you expect to encounter once you decide on checking in the next time you find a chance.

It’s Time You Visit Max Casino At Westin Las Vegas

There are 8 table games
Over 250 gaming machines
The casino is open 24 hours 7 days each week
Clients can access both valet and self-parking
The facility has some 25, 000 square feet of convention space
There are 18, 000 sq ft that is dedicated to gaming activities

There are three notable restaurants at the Max casino at Westin.

They are:
Casino lobby lounge
Starbucks and

Max Casino Review At The Westin Hotel

Although many people refer to Max casino at Westin as Casuarina, it is a good thing that this write-up will stick to its official name Max Casino at Westin. It is true that among Nevada casinos, it might look small. However, the availability of the modern gaming equipment, as well as many social amenities and other attraction sites adjacent to the casino, are reason enough why you need to book a date with the hotel.

Interestingly, the property is just very close to the Las Vegas Trip thus it is straightforward for all clients to access its 800 rooms that are well-furnished to give the hotel the modern touch. Smoking is banned within the facility with only one place that has been set aside for clients who smoke.

This in itself is a clear indication that the management is solely dedicated to giving you the best and conducive environment to enjoy your gaming and other services that might follow.
In fact, Max casino in Westin went on record to be the first gaming facility to ban the use of offensive odors within its premises.

Several restaurants, as well as lounges that are beautifully furnished with interior and exterior deco, are what await you. Besides, there is a seated theater that accommodates 2, 000 people. Although it is just a block away from the strip, you will be surprised to see how conducive Max casino in Westin is.
Max Casino

Gaming at Max Casino

Can you imagine what a casino gaming space of some 18, 000 square feet built by a serious investor can give you?
Inside that space, there are over 250 video poker and slot machines as well as 8 table games that are evenly spread throughout the floor. What is more, every day, between 6 pm and 8 pm, all clients who’d have checked in are given a chance to play roulette for as little as 25 cents as well as craps for only $3 during what the real money casino calls ‘casino happy hours’.

But if you love blackjack, then you need to be in the facility as early as 11 am to 6 pm. During this time, you will enjoy your blackjack at a subsidized price of $3. Book for a room by calling the hotel via (702) 836 – 5900.

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