Top Online Casino Affiliate Program Merges 3 Established Realtime Gaming Casinos

Top Online Casino Affiliate Program Merges 3 Established Realtime Gaming Casinos

Top Online Casino Affiliate Program Merges 3 Established Realtime Gaming Casinos

When it comes to finding the best online casino affiliate programs, it can be difficult. Naturally, everyone wants to make money working from home. However, there are a lot of gambling webmaster programs that promote rouge casino operators.

Recently, three USA online casinos that had separate affiliate programs merge together with the launch of Affiliate Capital. While Affiliate Capital is a new gambling webmaster program, they have managed some of the top USA online casinos for decades. If you want to make money working from home, you may want to sign up through to get the best deal.

When Does This Top Casino Affiliates Program Merge 3 Established Realtime Gaming Casinos

On November 4, 2020, the registration and login at Affiliate Capital begin. A lot of online casino affiliates have been promoting these brands like Slotastic. However, Affiliates Captial has launched robust software, which now manages Jackpot Capital, and Grande Vegas. New gambling webmasters can start to sign up on November 4, 2020.

That said, people that had affiliate accounts with Grande Vegas, Slotastic, and Jackpot Capital can use their old username and email. Quick tip, make sure that all of your old accounts have the same emails!

You may need to reset your password before you log in for the first time. Don’t be alarmed. That is normal.

If you are not familiar with Jackpot Capital, Grande Vegas and Slotastic, Realtime Gaming powers all three of these USA online casinos. Affiliate Capitals has a fresh, new, and improved software platform that can provide gambling affiliates with detailed reports.

Also, they will provide dynamic tracking. Moreover, these RTG casinos have on-going bonus promotions bonus promotions for marketers to promote. Also, they continue to launch new slot machines.

Same Jackpot Capital, Slotastic, and Grande Vegas Affiliates Managers Plus More

If you are familiar with the online casino marketing programs at Jackpot Capital, Slotastic, and Grande Vegas, you may be familiar with Brian and Tony. Furthermore, they have been managing these USA online casinos for a long time. Now, Viktoria will join Affiliate Capital. Ultimately, this new platform will be more similar to the Rewards Webmaster Program.

In a recent press release, Viktoria makes a statement. She says “Having just one login and one commission payment for all three brands is going to really streamline operations for Jackpot Capital, Grande Vegas, and Slotastic affiliates.”

Interestingly, Brian says “Affiliates can take advantage of the synergy effects in promoting all three brands.” After that, he says “There will be no bundling, though. Commissions will continue to be calculated separately for each brand.” Now, this will give more people that want to make money working from home more opportunities.

How This Top Casino Affiliate Program Gives More Opportunities To Make Money Working From Home?

After Viktoria, and Brian made their statements in the press release, Tony had something to say. He says “We’d love to be launching this new venture with a big party in London or Malta.” Shortly after that, he says “We’ll have to postpone that kind of celebration for now, but we definitely look forward to raising a glass or two with our partners when the time is right.”

If you are a current Slotastic, Grande Vegas, and/or Jackpot Capital online casino marketer, you may want to download your reports. After that, you can save them in a Microsoft Excell document. On November 4, 2020, this new program may want existing gambling affiliates to update their tracking links.


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