Woman Arrested For Abandoning Her Child In Las Vegas?

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Woman Arrested For Abandoning Her Child In Las Vegas

This past December, it was reported that a child was found all alone in a Las Vegas casino bathroom. The other week, US Marshals reportedly found the child’s mother. Mariam Ramos was finally located and arrested in California.

The 26-year old is currently being detain while awaiting extradition to Las Vegas. There is no word yet as to her actual charges in the case. Although, it was mentioned that she will face at lease one count of child abuse or neglect.

How Was A Woman Arrested For Abandoning Her Child In Las Vegas?

The US Marshals Service has been working closely with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department on this case. The department involved with the investigation in Las Vegas is the major violators section.

The child was three-years old at the time she was abandoned. The little girl was found in a bathroom alone at Wynn Las Vegas on Dec. 29. Investigators involved in the case surmised that Ms. Ramos deliberately left her child alone. She then walked out of the casino on her own. The child was put into the custody of Clark County Child Protective Services.

Ramos was known to be a regular at Las Vegas casinos. She had frequented both the downtown area as well as the Strip.

Metro police continue to request information from anyone who may know more about this case.

Wynn Las Vegas had previously supplied surveillance video tied to the case. It pictured a women with blonde hair and a ponytail walking with the child. Metro police officer Misael Parra stated that the little girl was not physically harmed in the incident.

Ms. Ramos was pictured in one of the news reports released following her arrest in California. A warrant for her arrest was issued on Jan. 11. According to Las Vegas Justice Court records, she now awaits extradition to be formally charged.

A cabdriver that recalled giving the suspect a ride the night of the incident was interviewed. Both Ramos and her child where taken to the Fashion Show mall. They later crossed Las Vegas Boulevard to enter the Wynn.

He stated that she did ask where the nearest shelter was located. Under Nevada law, a parent can legally give up a child within the first 30 days of being born. They must be surrendered at a hospital, fire station or some other emergency care facility.

The case has caught national attention since details were first released. Back in January, Las Vegas Metro Police were able to identify Ms. Ramos from the casino surveillance video. At that time, they seeked further information on her current whereabouts.

There was no known address for a residence in the Las Vegas area. None of the news reports covering the incident mentioned where in California she was first detained. There was also no mention of how the US Marshals Service finally located the suspect.

More details surrounding this case are sure to be released in the coming days. There are still far more questions than answers right now.

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