Armenian Genocide: The Late Kirk Kerkorian’s The Promise Finally Out As He Said

Armenian Genocide: The Late Kirk Kerkorian’s The Promise Finally Out As He Said

The late Kirk Kerkorian, a Las Vegas Nevada billionaire had promised to put aside some of his fortune to release a film about the Armenian genocide that went on the news for many days when he was alive.

Before he died, it was confirmed that Kirk had put aside approximately $100 million that would ensure the production of a film, which would expose the details of the alleged genocide in Armenia.

Before his death in 2015, Kirk, a renowned Las Vegas casino entrepreneur had made real money online casino gambling sites quite a fortune.

In fact, according to documents that were unearthed recently, at a time of his demise at 98 years, Kirk has over $4 billion.

It was from this vast income that he made from his gaming investments that he said a few days before his death that he would dedicated part of his wealth to the production of events involving the alleged genocide that took place in Armenia in 1915 through 1923 two years before he was born.

Kerkorian died before he would personally fulfill his word.

History sources indicate that the Ottoman administration killed over 1.5 million Armenians. The killing is alleged to have taken the authority 8 years to conduct that massacre. However, Turkey, which succeeded the Ottoman administration, says that there was no such a thing: nobody was ever killed by her predecessor.

The movie, which is now out is called The Promise. Kerkorian is the major funder with little help from other interested parties. The script tends to shed light on what happened in Armenia in the early days when Kirk was just a toddler, around 2 years.

The Promise takes the shape of a triangle of love a country finds itself in, which finally results in the extra-judicial killings of millions of people.

The touching story of a country whose people are killed to the extent that it remains with few people has Terry George as its director. George is not new to such stories. He is the man behind Hotel Rwanda, a movie that tells of Rwanda, an African country in Eastern Africa that was faced with the same massacre problem in 1994. Las Vegas Dave, The Infamous Sports Bettor Indicted By Federal Authorities.

Other stars in the movie include Oscar Isaac, Charlotte LeBon, and Christian Bale.

In a recent interview with The Huffington Post, George said that although the movie talks about merciless killings, it is set to look like a love story, which is set in Turkey during World War I.

“It looks a love story but covers the years of the genocide,” George said.

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