Businessman Shawn Scott Has A Hand In The Maine Casino Proposal

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Businessman Shawn Scott Has A Hand In The Maine Casino Proposal

Confidential sources have revealed that foreign firms linked to businessman Shawn Scott might have a hand in the casino expansion proposal in Maine.

Authorities in Maine, as well as gaming stakeholders, had agreed that the plan for gaming development should head for a referendum in the month of November.

However, latest revelations indicate that a chain of well-established firms that have close links to Maine’s controversial business mogul Shawn Scott was the primary source of funding during a time the bill for casino expansion faced substantial challenges.

After the revelation, it is now assumed that those firms may be faced with penalties that include hefty fines from the ethics committee.

Apart from Shawn Scott, the only other key personality that has been publicly seen to support the expansion of casinos in Maine is somebody by the name Lisa Scott.

Although from the beginning it would be evident that the surname is similar, nobody would think that it was Scott’s sister who would actively push for the referendum. But now it is clear that she is a sister to Shawn.

To get the required quota of signatures, Ms. Scott funded at least officially, the $4.2 million to see the proposal pass. Now, it is awaiting the November referendum.

Latest Findings

It was until last week that officials from the Ethics Committee had received information that in fact, the money was not provided by Scott’s sister. Rather, it was a contribution made by a chain of firms and companies associated with Shawn Scott.

The information about the source of funding was kept as a secret until the referendum has been reached even attained.

Unfortunately, information has now been leaked, and it is already before the Ethics Committee and in the public domain.

In a similar case, when trying to calculate with uncertainty how to make real money online casino gambling sites, the same ‘syndicate’ of controversial businessmen tried in vain to push for a slots parlor in Massachusetts towards the end of 2016.

Because it concealed its activity and involvement in the entire process, the high-risk investment company called Bridge Capital based in Saipan was fined $125, 000. Before the company was fined, it discovered that Shawn Scott is a major shareholder in the enterprise.

Although there is no mention of Bridge Capital in this latest ‘signature scandal’, there is a reason for concern because Shawn Scott is the CEO of Capital Seven, which is said in the filing that is before the Ethics Committee.

Remember that nearly two years ago, the Laos government seized Bridge Capital following corruption charges.

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