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Las Vegas Club Casino & Hotel Review


Have you ever been to the Las Vegas Club Casino when it was open? The Las Vegas Club Casino is closed, but there are plenty other great Nevada casinos. Did you know that there are not many of Nevada casinos that have been around for many years? However, the few that have been in the industry for a long time have gone through very many ups and downs to be where they are.In most cases, the current owners were not even alive when the foundation stones of their existing properties were laid, or also if they were, they could probably be toddlers.

More About Las Vegas Club You Didn’t Know

That can be said of Las Vegas Club that was opened to the public way back in 1931. The facility still stands high at the corner of Fremont. In fact, it remains among those Nevada casinos that have gone through thick and thin times various economic challenges. Many people who know the history of Las Vegas always talk about Las Vegas Club because it stands as one of the oldest emblems in the region.

Here is a summary of some of the things that you will expect to know about Las Vegas Club:

The facility is located at Las Vegas Downtown
You can discover it at 18 East Fremont St in Las Vegas
It opened officially in 1930
The hotel capacity is made up of 410 rooms
The hotel closed on August 20, 2015, and has since then remained closed
Total gaming space is 22, 210 square feet
Until its closure in 2015, Las Vegas Club was owned and operated by Derek and Greg Stevens
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The Las Vegas Club History

The history of Las Vegas Club dates back to the start of 20th century when John Wisner bought the property that stood at the corner of Fremont for $1, 750, auction property. A few years later, after the purchase of the property john built Overland Hotel.

However, tragedy struck and exactly six years after a successful purchase, building and setting up a hotel business, the property was brought down to ashes by huge flames of fire that engulfed the hotel.

The hotel was quickly rebuilt, but upon a complete overhaul, the property now changed into a bar that became to be one of the most popular and frequented by many travelers and locals. Then in 1930, Las Vegas Club was born. With a lot of vigor, the casino has been in operation for many years till its closure in 2015.
Las Vegas Club Casino
For sure, during the 20th century, Las Vegas Club went through a lot of changes from one owner to the other. In 2002, Jackie Gaughan, the then owner of the casino decided to sell it along with other gaming properties to Barrick Gaming.

Nearly five years later after the sale of the property, a new poker room was started. For some time, the poker room attracted quite some visitors, but now the place has been closed.

Fast-forward to the 21st century, which many modern players can now associate with. With a recent turn of events on the casino, there is a possibility that the opening of a pharmacy on the east side of the casino might come true if it is renovated.
For now, it remains closed.

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Rich Caesar

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