Cannery Casino Resort Review| Cannery Resort Casino Las Vegas

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Cannery Casino Resort Review

The Cannery Casino Resort in Las Vegas is located at 2121 East Craig Road, North of Las Vegas.
Since this the opening of this gaming facility, a lot of people have had a chance to visit the casino and find time to play some their favorite games. The Cannery Casino Resort is among the Nevada Casinos that are fairy equipped with gaming facilities that attract virtually every interested gamer. Furthermore, here are a few quick facts about The Cannery Casino Resort. Read these, before you continue with the complete review:

Learn More About The Cannery Casino Resort In Las Vegas From This Review

Number of table games -20
The available number of gaming machines – 1, 700
Total area of casino space – 72, 000 square feet
The casino opens 24/7
There is plenty of self and valet parking for all visitors

If you ever thought that this is a small gaming facility, you might be very wrong. Well, Cannery Casino Resort might not be as famous as the rest of other Nevada casinos, but the fact remains it is one of the widely visited Nevada casinos that have colossal casino space for all gaming activities.

In any case, you will be happy to learn that at least all gaming activities take place inside the Cannery except in the case of live poker. There is also something that you are likely to love about the Cannery. It has to do with dozens of amenities and other attraction sites that surround this casino.

North Las Vegas Hotels

For your information, there is a reasonable number of amenities in the Cannery around its premises such as the North Las Vegas hotels. Also, there are resorts within the proximity of the casino. Ultimately, you can find a meeting and events space. Moreover, they have the ability and capacity to hold as many as three thousand people within one small area. Now, let’s discuss other amenities on the list. If you want to watch movies, you can go to the theater. Also, people refer to it as Galaxy Luxury where some local and international artists meet for practice, Pin-Ups bar and of course a nightclub.

All these social amenities add to the value the main reason why you need to visit Cannery Casino Resort. When visiting Cannery Casino Resort, you will also be giving yourself a chance to have a different taste of food that is cooked and served in their restaurants.

Discover Restaurants

While restaurants that are other casinos tend to close and open at their discretion, it is important to note that restaurants attached at the Cannery do not close. Yes, they are open throughout the day seven days a week. That is far much better for those clients who would want to spend their night at the Cannery Casino Resort or from around.
Cannery Casino Resort Review| Cannery Resort Casino Las Vegas

The only two restaurants that serve clients at The Cannery Casino Resort are:

1.Vinos Ristorante
2.Waverly’s Steakhouse

As mentioned, these two restaurants serve visitors different delicacies around the clock. In case you want to make an order of a particular food, book a room or even book a table, it is prudent that you call the agent at the Cannery’s customer care agent. The person at the boot will be glad to help. So, why not call (702) 507 5700 or visit

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