Fremont Las Vegas Hotel, Resort & Casino Review

Fremont Las Vegas Hotel

The Fremont Las Vegas Hotel & Casino that is located in LV’ downtown is among the very first Nevada Casinos to begin operations in Las Vegas. The Fremont Hotel is has been in operation for the past 61 years has been open to the public on May 18, 1956. You can find it at 200 Freemont Street just within the metropolis.


It is important to note that since it was opened a long time ago, several renovations have been done to enable it to look even modern. In fact, even the number of rooms has always been added over time to carter for the ever-rising number of guests who check in every day.

Currently, there are a total of 447 rooms in Fremont Casino. Furthermore, they have been given a nice finish to give clients real value for their money. Indeed, Boyd Gaming is the owner and operator of Fremont Casino. Moreover, they want to give his facility the best support. As a result, they want to make it stand out among Nevada casinos. Also, there is no doubt that his efforts are already working.

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As mentioned earlier, there is a need to do some renovations in different parts of the casino. Moreover, the last revamping on the hotel was 11 years ago. Most importantly, they are doing a complete overhaul of the casino side done the following year. Listen, the total gaming area does do not come anywhere close to that of big casinos. However, there is no doubt that Fremont Casino is among the notable Nevada casinos. And yes, they are in operation for more than 60 years. Having said that, being the same business for that long, is a good reason to conclude that Fremont Casino will be here to stay.

Fremont History

In the 1950s, Wayne McAllister launches Fremont Casino. Furthermore, the architect designs the builds the Freemont with a great vision. Moreover, they made history as the tallest building in the entire State of Nevada.

That time, it only had 155 guestrooms. However, Ed Levinson together with partner Lou Lurie owns the casino. Ultimately, this is after spending some $6 million. Some seven years after the grand opening in 1956, the casino expanded to what was then called a 14-story building then known as Ogden. The building was home to Nevada’s first vertical garage.
Fremont Casino

Eleven years later in 1974, the property was sold to Argent Corporation owned and ran by Allen Glick and after expanding the casino using some $4 million on top of what he bought, he later saw the need to sell it to the current owner Boyd gaming in 1983. For those of you who have visited Las Vegas, you can bear the witness that Fremont Casino is located at the ‘Four Corners.’ Yes, it is one of the four Nevada casinos that are located just at the corner of Casino Center Boulevard.

The other three casinos are Golden Nugget Casino, Binion’s Gambling Hall, and Four Queens.Did you know that there are many films whose scenes were captured from the Fremont Casino? Now you know. You can think of the movie Swingers.

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