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Jerry’s Nugget Casino Review

Is It Your Time To Visit Jerrys Nugget casino? Jerry’s Nugget casino is a place where upon visiting once, you will never want to miss. You would want to go back to the casino as often as you may find it possible. You can see the casino at 1821 North Las Vegas Boulevard in North Las Vegas. Jerry’s Nugget is one of the few Nevada Casinos that does not have a hotel or resort. Here are quick statistics:

The casino is open 24/7
Total number of table games – 9
Available gaming machines – 700
There is enough space for self-parking within the facility’s premises.
Minimum bet amount has been set at $0.01
Total casino space is 50. 000 square feet
You can find Royal Street Theater to be a beautiful place to stay even for some time as well as the Main Bar.

About Jerry’s Nugget Casino

Jerry’s Nugget with its over 50,000 square feet of gaming, is a good place that you can utilize when you want to enjoy playing games alone or with friends. That space hoses some 700 gaming machines. Many of these gaming machines feature slots, reels, video keno as well as video poker games.

Inside the casino’s gaming space, there are also nine live gaming tables that include roulette blackjack, craps, and Progressive Texas Hold’em. Jerry’s Nugget also takes into consideration those who love various sports and races. That is why the operator has put in place a full-service sports and race book.

In fact, this is perhaps the highest and most competitive ‘off the board’ parlay odds that are offered by other Nevada casinos. Talking on amenities, there is entirely no way you are going to forget about Jerry’s Nugget’s two restaurants, a bakery, and of course the two bars that are fully serviced. There is also a theater in one of the bars together with a live entertainment suite.
Jerry's Nugget Casino Reviews | Las Vegas Casino Ratings

The three restaurants are:

Uncle Angelo’s Bakery
Uncle Angelo’s Pizza Joint
Jerry’s Famous Coffee Shop

The above-mentioned restaurants have never closed their door since they were opened to the public several years ago. Maybe, the only time someone can recall one of them was closed for a short period is when the operator was doing a revamp.

Otherwise, no single restaurant at Jerry’s Nugget Casino has ever closed. After all, if one or let us say two close, how will the remaining help serve the significant number of visitors who check in the Jerry’s Nugget casino each day?


Since there is no much space or no space at all that has been left aside for meetings or any other business apart from gaming, you’d expect that all the 50, 000 plus square feet are pure space for gaming.

In fact, that is why if you want right inside Jerry’s Nugget Casino, you will realize that gaming machines and table games are evenly spread for all clients to access the entire gaming area. Here are some of the games you can play inside Jerry’s Nugget Casino:

Video Poker
Progressive Texas Holdem
Slot machines
You can reach the casino by dialing (702) 399 3000 or you can visit

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