Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino Review

Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino Review

In this review, we will discuss the pros and cons of staying, playing and dining at Mandalay Bay hotel resort in Las Vegas. First of all, The Mandalay Bay resort and casino is an award-winning place to stay. Besides gambling on the Las Vegas Strip, you can enjoy fine dining by Michael Mina, Hubert Keller, and Charlie Palmer. Most people that stay at the Delano las vegas or MGM resorts say that the rooms and shops at Mandalay Bay offers are much better. If you want to see Michael Jackson one by Cirque du soleil, all you have to do is leave the foundation room.

Mandalay Bay Resort &; Casino can be located at 3950 Las Vegas South, particularly in the Boulevard area. Nobody can ever talk of Nevada casinos without the mention of Mandalay Bay. Well, for your information, the facility has some 1, 000, 000 square feet worth of convention space, the biggest gathering area so far among Nevada casinos. With all that space dedicated to nothing but gambling, the facility has some 2, 200 gaming machines, 132 table games, and slightly over ten new poker tables.

Learn About The Mandalay Bay

Although Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino has a humongous convention space, there are only 135, 000 square feet spared for casino activity. Nonetheless, this is a huge area for more than 20, 000 visitors each day. Inside the Mandalay Resort, there’re two spas, and three hotels, high-limit lounge, which is only accessed by those the management considers VIP thanks to the amount they pay and the security they demand.

Discover The Restaurants Other More Things To Do

Perhaps what might interest you about Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino is that clients are asked to sign form M Life, which enables them to enjoy gaming in any of the 15 MGM affiliates. This, of course, is an advantage to anyone with the card because it comes with credit and some juicy perks.

The Poker Rooms

The poker room in Mandalay is full of whatever you want to end your poker cravings. Apart from favorite games that you can easily and quickly accessible from anywhere in the room, there are weekly tournaments.

Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino Reviews

If you feel that you are not yet a professional poker player, there are lessons, which are aimed at helping you attain the status of a professional poker gambler. Currently, some classes are conducted from Monday to Thursday. The beauty is that you do not need to pay a dime for you to get this valuable training. There are also discounts given to poker players. However, the condition has to be that the Mandalay Bay management has loved the way you play your game, which is not offered elsewhere in Nevada casinos.

A Smoke Free Environment

The resort offers clients a beautiful and ample poker playing scene by preparing a smoke-free room filled with nine tables. The room is semi-enclosed and is just next to a sportsbook. The chairs and the tables in that room are in an excellent condition that even if you have never played poker, you’d be tempted to try.

Quick Facts

1, Minimum bet – $0.01.
2. Open days – 24/7.
3. Table games – 132.
4. Maximum bet – $500.
5.Poker tables – 10.
6. Gaming machines – 2, 200.
7.Convention space – 1 million square feet!
8. Casino spa

Yes, all the hotel rooms come with a flat screen. However, how long do you plan to stay in your hotel room? Remember, there are plenty of things to do besides gambling. some other things you can do is visit the shark reef aquarium. If you want to relax on the lazy river, go right ahead. However, you can have much more fun in the wave pool or the spa Mandalay.ce – 135, 000 square feet.


Some of the restaurants where you can find nice ready meals include STRIPSTEAK, Crossroads, Hussong’s Cantina, Citizen’s Bar, Kumi Japanese, Burger Bar, miX, Aureole Las Vegas, Rick Moonen’s, Mizuna, Trattoria del Lupo; Charlie Palmer Steak, Noodle Shop, and Red Square among others. Get in touch with Mandalay Bay in advance maybe when you are in need of inquiring about something or even book a room in advance, visit or dial (702) 632-7777.
Mandalay Bay Las Vegas Moorea beach club

Moorea beach club

Yes, leave your hotel room with air conditioning and enjoy the Moorea beach club. At the Moorea beach club, you can enjoy a heated pool and sunshine. However, if you want to get out of the sun, you will find plenty of cabanas. Ultimately, this is a perfect place to go on vacation all year long. Feel free to choose one of the following packages.

  1.   Moorea Day Bed.
  2.  The Living Room.
  3.  Opium Bed.
  4.  Pavilion.
  5. Reserve Beds.
  6.  Moorea Sand Cabanas.

I found the selection of restaurants was great, however I did not feel they had the best selection of slots on the Strip.

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