A Las Vegas Breakfast Date Goes Horribly Wrong At Jerry’s Golden Nugget

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A Las Vegas Breakfast Date Goes Horribly Wrong

A Las Vegas Breakfast Date Goes Horribly Wrong

Last October, Kimberly Marika Johnson went on a date with an acquaintance. Three months later, the North Las Vegas woman is facing some serious charges in a local court. Her preliminary hearing at the North Las Vegas Justice Court is set for Jan. 25. The biggest charges are attempted first-degree murder and arson.

How Does This Las Vegas Breakfast Date Go Horribly Wrong At Jerrys Golden Nugget?

It appears that Ms. Johnson and her date got into an argument over breakfast. They were having a morning meal at an eating location within Jerry’s Nugget Casino. This is located about a mile north of the Las Vegas downtown area. The argument centered on the fact that her date only had $5 in cash at the time.

According to a police affidavit, its stated that:

“During the course of the meal , it was learned that he only had five dollars on him. An argument ensued.”

The two left the diner. Johnson then made her date walk home to his apartment which was located about two and a half miles from the diner. The apartment is part of a two-story complex housing multiple families.

The victim in this crime claimed that Johnson was high on crystal meth. She showed up 20 minutes later at his apartment. Also detailed in police report was the sound of “a splashing sound on the window and front door.”

Just as the victim opened the front door, the entire area was engulfed in flames. The man slammed the door shut to avoid the fire.

The Las Vegas Breakfast Date investigation report goes on to add:

“Kimberly then took a wooden-handled hammer and started breaking out the front window of the bottom-floor apartment. Johnson then threw her purse through the window into the from room of the apartment. Her purse was on fire when she threw it. The victim stated she tried to burn me down.”

The police investigation determined that the fire was set with “willful and malicious” intent.

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That is why Ms. Johnson is being charged with a pair of first-degree felonies in the matter.

The report did not state where the actual argument took place within Jerry’s Nugget Casino. There is 24-hour coffee shop on site. Known as Jerry Famous Coffee Shop, this is the likely spot. The menu offers a pancake Las Vegas breakfast Date for $4.89. Also on the menu was an English muffin for $1.49.

Ms. Johnson was pictured in a local news report as was Jerry’s Nugget Casino (not Jerry Famous Coffee Shop). Local media sources close to PlaySlots4RealMoney.com noted that a criminal complaint was first filed in December following the Oct. 11 incident. Johnson was taken to jail earlier this month in advance of the Jan. 25 hearing.

A Separate Knife Attack Turns Into Murder Charge

Another incident in the downtown Las Vegas area that drew the police involved a knife attack. The suspect was taken into custody. He was later charged in the murder of his cellmate at the Clark County Detention Center.

Last year’s criminal activity in the Las Vegas tourist area led to more than 1,200 arrests.

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