Ceasars Casino Entertainment Builds Biggest Sound Studio

Ceasars Casino Entertainment Builds Biggest Sound Studio

If you ever thought that Caesars Casino Entertainment was doing casino business alone, you are mistaken. Caesars Entertainment has shown the world what they can do.

The gaming giant, which runs among other things the Caesars Casino, had moved into TV and music production industry when it launched what will become the biggest entertainment hub in Las Vegas, the one of the best Nevada casinos and U.S. in general.

The soundstage studio was opened to the public late last week with a lot of expectations.The soundstage studio may change how Caesars Casino will pick regarding visitors’ checking in or not nobody knows.

However, one this is certain: Caesars Entertainment is on the right track after the launch of their; mammoth’ soundstage in a place that is known for entertainment.

After their successful launch late last week, many media outlets ran headlines saying the gaming company has remade it.

The soundstage studio stands at 48, 000 sq/ft thus taking over Mega Stage that is owned and operated by fellow competitor Toronto Studios.

According to the management of this new venture, they will be embarking on their debut production, “Who Wanna Be a Millionaire?”

The studio has been strategically placed where Caesars believe will attract several clients who visit Bally’s, which is just meters away.

The management has also confirmed that it will ensure clients who include TV producers and various production crews get affordable prices. This way, they plan to lower the prices to attract many customers to their new sound stage studio.

Caesars argues that by introducing discounted prices to their customers, they will be giving them what the customers cannot find in California, where prices for studio production have for a long time been hiked.

To attract even more clients to their new venture, Caesars Casino is planning to offer meager rental fees as well as provide turnkey services to their customers.

This move will then later result in taking advantage of the audience, cast, and film crews to visit Caesars Casino and other facilities like hotels, restaurants, and other social amenities owned and operated by the Caesars Entertainment.

Las Vegas is one of the major entertainment hubs in the world that is credited with over 500 major production studios. Even with such stiff competition that might prove to be a daunting challenge for any fledgling startup, Caesars is entirely convinced that it will bring something fresh to a Las Vegas USA Casino.

Jason Gastwirth, who is the Senior Vice-President in charge of Caesars Entertainment Marketing team, said during the opening ceremony that there is nothing to worry about now. As a company, they are prepared to face the stiff competition that lies ahead of them.

“We’re fully prepared and ready to do business. We did not wake up and decide to build a production studio. Ours is to bring in something new, and fresh that has never been offered in Vegas. With our reduced prices and an array of other beautiful products, we’ll make it in this region,” Gastwirth said.

Ceasars Casino Entertainment Builds Biggest Sound Studio
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Ceasars Casino Entertainment Builds Biggest Sound Studio
See How Caesars Casino Entertainment Is Building The Biggest Sound Studio In North America, Which Will Take Entertainment To Another Stage.
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