Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino Discusses The History of Super Bowl Props

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One of the biggest draws for sports bettors looking for additional action for Super Bowl LIII on Sunday, Feb. 3 was a veritable shopping list of betting odds for props. A ‘prop’ is short for the proposition that covers the outcome of a specific event. When it comes to prop bets for the Super Bowl, Sportsbooks cover anything and everything. As a result, you can literally bet on anything on and off the football field.

Starting with how long it takes to sing the National Anthem to what color Gatorade gets poured onto the winning coach, there is an endless supply of things to bet on. This is why the Super Bowl is the biggest single-day betting event of the year.

Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino Discusses The History of Super Bowl Props

This was not always the case with Las Vegas and online sportsbooks. It was not that long ago when a very limited amount of prop bet odds were posted on a book’s betting board. In a recent post on Forbes right before this year’s big game, Dave Caldwell took a closer look at this betting phenomenon.

His starting point was 1986 and Super Bowl XX between the Chicago Bears and the New England Patriots. At that time, the online sportsbooks offer betting props for a few statistical measures. Often times, they were confined to head-to-head matchups between quarterbacks or other skill positions on offense.

Learn How To Bet Props Online

In an effort to expand the offerings while also exploring new ways to bet on props, Las Vegas bookmaker Art Manteris led the charge. In a quote from an interview for this piece, he stated that he “was looking for new betting angles.” The end result went on to revolutionize prop bets place in the sports betting industry.

One of the many characters on the 1985 Bears’ roster was William “The Refrigerator” Perry. The rookie played defensive tackle at a weight of 350 lbs. He had also been used as a fullback on short-yardage plays from time-to-time that season. He actually scored three touchdowns on three short-yardage runs.

Super Bowl props at his Caesar’s Palace And Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Hotel

Manteris used Perry in one of his specialty Super Bowl props at his Caesar’s Palace sportsbook. The odds opened at 20-1 on him scoring a touchdown in Super Bowl XX and they were quickly bet down to 2-1. With the Bears ahead 46-10 in the third quarter, Perry took a handoff from quarterback Jim McMahon from one-yard out and scored. The sportsbook was on the hook for $25,000 following that play and Manteris recalls his reaction;

“I was livid. I was so upset we lost so much money on one silly proposition. It overshadowed the whole day.”

Furthermore, it turns out that the $25,000 cost was well worth the free publicity. After the cover the event, the casino receives a great deal of free marketing. By 1989, the prop offers at that same book reached 100. Manteris moves on to Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa. Also, this is in Las Vegas. Moreover, this book’s prop list for Super Bowl LIII tops 700.

Indeed, Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Hotel is probably the best-known sportsbook in Las Vegas and many of the fine hotels & resorts located on the Las Vegas Strip offer sportsbooks as part of their casino floor.

• Source: How A Bookie And A Refrigerator Changed Super Bowl Betting Forever From Forbes On February 3, 2019.

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Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino Discusses The History of Super Bowl Props
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Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino Discusses The History of Super Bowl Props
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