Virgin Promises a Bright Future For The Shuttered Hard Rock Casino, Resort, Hotel In Las Vegas?

Virgin Bright Future Hard Rock casino in las vegas

The scene at Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas was rather quiet on Monday, Feb. 3. The property closed its doors for good after a 25-year run in this casino gambling mecca. Indeed the casino’s iconic collection of music memorabilia was gone. The display cases are empty, and the restaurants were closed. All the TV’s in the bar areas were removed, and the casino floor was barren.

Will Virgin Deliver A Bright Future For The Shuttered Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas?

The only visible sign of people in the Hard Rock were the teams of movers clearing out the building. The most notable aspect of Monday’s scene was no music. Rock n’ roll blasting throughout the casino was a staple for the past 25 years. Located just east of the famed Las Vegas Strip, the sudden silence was eerie.

The emptiness and silence will only be temporary. This Las Vegas casino resort should be back in business by Christmas if everything goes as planned. The rebrand of the Hard Rock is led by Virgin Hotels.

On Monday night, the CEO of JC Hospitality (Hard Rock’s owner) added a few final words. Richard Bosworth presided over a short closing ceremony. He added the following thoughts after the 25-year run.

“This is something you don’t see every day. Chaining a hotel and casino like this. I want to thank Las Vegas. What a send-off you gave this property this week. It got a proper farewell.”

The big farewell party was Saturday night. Present was Raul Leal as CEO of Virgin Hotels. He shared some of his company’s vision for the rebrand.

“There’s a legacy here. I’ve been in this hotel many times and I love this hotel. I’m a little sad. But I’m glad we’re the next brand in line to keep it going and continue to make it relevant. I think we’re the right brand to follow this up because our legacy will be music and entertainment as well.

Virgin also released the new property’s theme as “modern desert resort oasis.” Mr. Leal went on to add:

“Everything will be transformed. From the rooms to the casino to the pool, everything will be different. It will have a totally different feel. It’s a contemporary theme. It’ll be bright, airy and keeping with today’s customer. It’ll cater to the female traveler, which we do a lot.”

It was also announced that some of Hard Rock’s vast collection of memorabilia will remain in the new property. Most of the items will find a new home. It was not mentioned what will stay and what will go. The overall goal is to maintain the Hard Rock Casino Hotels status withing the Las Vegas live entertainment scene. Leal’s comment’s on this aspect of the new look was:

“Expect a revival of the entertainment piece of it to a huge degree. Hopefully, it will be revived again as the top hotel in the market for entertainment.”. A large percentage of Hard Rock’s 1,800 employees stayed on until Monday’s closing. Those who remained until the end have the option to return.

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Virgin Promises a Bright Future For Shuttered Hard Rock Casino Resort In Las Vegas?
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Virgin Promises a Bright Future For Shuttered Hard Rock Casino Resort In Las Vegas?
Will Virgin Keep Their Promise To Make A Bright Future & Improve The Shuttered Hard Rock Casino In Las Vegas, Nevada?
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