Big Winners At Las Vegas’ McCarran International Airport

Big Winners At Las Vegas’ McCarran International Airport

Big Winners At Las Vegas’ McCarran International Airport
If you have ever flown into Las Vegas, you probably landed at McCarran International Airport. This is the main commercial airport in Southern Nevada. Flying in or out of town, you probably also noticed slot machines in the main terminal. They are located near the seating sections for departing and arriving flights as well as baggage claim.

All-in-all, the airport offers 1,400 slot machines throughout the facility. Due to ongoing coronavirus health protocols in Nevada, only 400 slots are currently active.

Latest Big Winner At Las Vegas’ McCarran International Airport

Big jackpots at Las Vegas casinos are almost a daily occurrence given the sheer number of gambling venues. Big jackpots at the airport are a little bit more unique.

Local news sources with close ties to relayed the story of a recent six-figure slot jackpot at McCarran.

Megan H. from Texas hit is big on a progressive slot while waiting for her flight back home. Playing a Wheel of Fortune slot, the right combination netted her $302,334.86.

The Las Vegas airport itself was quick to release the following tweet:

The tweet also contained a picture of the big winner standing next to the winning machine. A string of lucky 7’s and a $302,334.86 pay line also highlight this picture.

It was then discovered that Flower Mound is located outside the Dallas-Fort Worth area of the state. Megan was waiting for a Southwest Airlines flight to return home.

Her initial reaction to the big win was caught on video. She shouted, “Oh my God!” and threw her hands up in the air after realizing how much she won. Los Vegas Locally caught the moment live and released its own tweet as follows:

“This lady just hit a $300,000+ jackpot waiting for her flight at McCarran.”

The big win took place on Feb. 26. The local news source did not mention if she missed her flight waiting to collect her winnings.

This story does make you wonder who is gambling on airport slots. This could act as one last fling before returning to reality. Maybe someone is trying to get rid of some spare change. This could also be one more shot at hitting it big following a casino losing streak.

Megan H’s big win got quite the mixed reaction on social media. One person responded that they lost $200 on the same machine just days ago. They added, “happy I could make my contribution.”

Questions did arise over the winner’s immediate plans. Maybe she would cancel the flight and stay in Las Vegas for a few more days. Most of the responses did congratulate Megan on her lucky spin.

While a $300,000+ jackpot is nothing to sneeze at, it is not even close to McCarran’s all-time high. One ultra-lucky traveler walked away with $3.96 million. Airport spokesperson Christine Crews confirmed this figure. She also mentioned a visitor from California won $873,000 in July of last year.

• Source: Woman wins over $302K playing slot machine at Las Vegas airport from On February 26, 2021.

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