Las Vegas Attracted 42.9 Million Visitors

Las Vegas Attracted 42.9 Million Visitors To Her Cities In 2016

For three years now, Las Vegas has attracted massive number of visitors to her major city centers and suburbs. Many of the visitors, who flocked LV in 2016, visited Sin City. By the end of 2016, the city had received more than 42.9 million visitors, according to the Convention of Visitors Association of Las Vegas (LVCVA).

The number of visitors has been rising consistently for the past 36 months allowing most amenities in LV to make real money casino betting sites a fortune.

The figure, 42.9 million that checked in Las Vegas was not what LVCVA was expecting, though they had predicted the rise from the previous year.

According to Kevin Bagger, the research’s executive director, the booming number of visitors who checked in Las Vegas could be attributed to the latest adjustments in private investment.

The sector spent $1.2 billion in establishing and maintaining gaming resorts, non-gaming resorts and several other social amenities.

“These efforts had a hand in the booming of visitors in Las Vegas,” Bagger said.

Kevin added that T-Mobile Arena, an MGM Resorts International establishment, MGM Grand’s TopGolf, SpeedVegas, and Monte Carlo’s Park Theater are just but a few resorts that received many visitors in 2016.

Targets India

Tourism agencies and various marketing departments in Nevada have also laid plans on how to penetrate in different markets. Their interest for now is to attract more visitors from Southeast Asia particularly India, which in recent years, has shown the potential of becoming an important and ready market.

In a bid to get closer to her potential customers, the Commission on Tourism of Nevada put up a representative office in the heart of India’s capital New Delhi. Read The Skill Gaming Machines Gain Entrance In US Land-Based Casinos news article.

Additionally, Nevada, through her Commission on Tourism, made a deal with Sartha Global, a reputable Indian tourism marketing agency to aid in selling Nevada’s brand in India.

It should be remembered that Nevada did a similar thing in China in 2004, which helped increase the number of Chinese visitors in the state. The bold move made Nevada the debut U.S. state to have ever opened an officially licensed representative office in China’s capital Beijing.

Whether the same will happen with India is a matter of time but the Commission on Tourism is optimistic.

Direct Flights From Beijing to Nevada

To what was seen as an achievement, Nevada finally received her visitors directly from Beijing who stopped at McCarran Airport in Nevada.

Following that achievement, LVCVA hopes to meet the same when it said early this week that there is still hope that Vegas will establish direct flights between Delhi and Nevada.

Meanwhile, there are reports confirming that Qatar Airways is contemplating on direct flights between Middle East and Las Vegas. If this goes through in the next 48 months as the report confirms, then Vegas will witness a booming number of visitors not only from India and Qatar but also from several parts of South Asia and Middle East.

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Las Vegas Attracted 42.9 Million Visitors
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Las Vegas Attracted 42.9 Million Visitors
Las Vegas has attracted massive number of visitors to her major city centers & suburbs. Many of them flocked LV in 2016, visited Sin City.
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