MGM Resorts Willing To Invests Billions On Japanese Casino

MGM Resorts Willing To Invest Up To $10 Billion On Japanese Casino

MGM Resorts international could invest in excess of $10 billion in a Japanese casino. However, they may invest indirectly. Moreover, they will put funds through real estate investment trust. Interestingly, the chief executive of the Las Vegas Nevada goes out record. On Monday, he says it becomes increasingly likely that Tokyo will legalize the industry. It is currently illegal to operate a casino in Japan, but there are likely to become legalized and possibly open the next big frontier in high roller gambling, going by the ongoing political shifts.

MGM Resorts Willing To Invests Billions On Japanese Casino

MGM CEO James Murren said the company is willing to spend anything between $4.8 billion to $9.5 billion (500 billion yen – 1 trillion yen) on what he referred to as an “integrated resort” – a multi-value project that combines casinos with shopping, conference and hotel facilities in Tokyo, Osaka or Yokohama. Numerous blue-chip companies would be interested in an equity stake in the project, Murren said, indicating high hopes for a gaming market that could be worth over $40 billion annually, per brokerage firm CLSA.


James Murren Speaks

“We are aware of the demand and we think that an eventual public listing of these Japanese resorts would appeal to many,” Murren said in an interview with Reuters.

Other operators who may also get into the Japanese market are the Las Vegas Sands Corps, who are willing to invest in the region of $10 billion in Japan, per a 2014 company statement. If the Japanese parliament passes a law outlining the framework gambling, fresh legislation could be enacted to set out details such as the Casinos’ physical locations.

According to Murren, casino operators could invest anything between 100 billion yen and 300 billion yen in these regional reports. He, however, added that MGM would only seek opportunities to invest in Casino based in big metropolitan areas. Likely locations for the regional casinos include sites in Kyushu islands in the South and Hokkaido in the north.


MGM has previously expressed interest in investing in a Japanese resort but did not specify how it intends to do so. CEO Murren said they favored a REIT where the MGM-controlled operating firm responsible for investment and expenses will pay rent to a real estate company owned by a sleuth of private investors, domestic and Multinational companies.

“This is the best way to expand involvement levels, as we will have many risk-averse investors looking for returns as well as risk-tolerant ones,” he added.

Indeed, they can complete a Japanese casino resort in any of the three major cities by 2022-2023. Murren tells Reuters. After meeting Japanese investors, it appears they show interest in resorts. Also, they want international businesses in casinos. Moreover, sources at the meeting say that Takeshi Iwaya shows big interest. Furthermore, he is a ruling Liberal Democratic Party lawmaker. Also, Takeshi Niinami, CEO of Beverage maker Suntory Holdings Ltd both spoke at the meeting. The two are Japan’s most prominent casino backers.

MGM launches a public REIT. If you are not sure, REIT stands for Real Estate Investment Trust. Furthermore, that includes its U.S properties, (MGM Growth Properties LLC) in April.

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MGM Resorts Willing To Invest Up To $10 Billion On Japanese Casino
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MGM Resorts Willing To Invest Up To $10 Billion On Japanese Casino
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