Richard Branson Shops For Casino Resort In Las Vegas?

Richard Branson Shops For Casino Resort In Las Vegas?

The founder of Virgin Group Richard Branson is now eying the hotel and hospitality industry. If he achieves this, as he usually does, he would have added an industry to his fleet of businesses.

Among the assets, Branson has under his arms are commercial spaceflight company, a media empire, health clubs as well as an airline.

The billionaire is now aiming at expanding his ever-rising empire. This time, his directs his interests to Las Vegas casino industry. Here, Richard wants to own and operate a resort.

For many months now, it has remained a rumor but his last week’s action confirmed the story. He expressed interest in purchasing an existing casino resort at the famous Las Vegas.

It is likely that this is where Richard wants to base his famous brand Virgin Hotels. No matter what happens, history does reveal that Mr. Branson has never failed on any of his projects.
There is no doubt that this eccentric billionaire has an elaborate plan. At least this can be seen from his master plan.

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Virgin Hotels, Branson’s idea, came into life in 2010. Six years later, in 2016, the first product of the Virgin Hotels opened in Chicago. In his original plan, which is believed to be in progress, was to set up eight hotels across the U.S.


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The eight Virgin Hotels, according to the master plan are to be located in different places. Among those places in the list are New Orleans, San Francisco, New York, Dallas, Silicon Valley, Washington DC and Palm Springs.

Although the original plan was to establish eight hotels by 2020, it later changed to include 20 Virgin Hotels by 2025. That is the reason why Mr. Branson is stopping at nothing when it comes to shopping for locations in designated cities.

To help expedite the search for potential locations, Virgin Group has partnered with Bosworth Hospitality Partners. The two companies are currently in a fierce search of venues for the hotels in Las Vegas.

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However, it seems that they are on the way to find a suitable place. Last week, Richard was in talks to a local resort, an indication that there are chances he is moving inches closer to finding one.

A New Location On The Way

Speaking last week to Las Vegas Sun, the CEO of Bosworth Hospitality Partners said his company is happy with the search.
Richard Branson Shops For Casino Resort In Las Vegas?
“We feel energized that we’re in a pursuit of this location here in Vegas. But due to confidentiality concerns that are attached to the matter, I’m sorry I am not obliged to share any further details. We’re completing our confirmatory due diligence,”

said Richard Bosworth.

It should be noted that Branson’s former Virgin America Airline that he sold to Alaska Air just last year makes several flights to and fro McCarran Airport.

Virgin Atlantic Airlines, Richard’s current air business, makes direct flights to Sin City from other cities across the U.S. as well as from Manchester and London in the UK.

With the Richard Branson expanding his empire, it is evident that nothing can stop an entrepreneur from scaling heights.

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