Stealing Cash From Inside Las Vegas Casinos And Hiding In Their Privates?

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Stealing Cash Private Parts

Stealing Cash From Inside Las Vegas casinos And Hiding In Their Privates?

Every time we think Las Vegas can’t surprise us anymore, Sin City provides a piece of news on the event that could hardly happen anywhere else in the world. The latest weird story came out on Friday as Las Vegas Police released a statement detailing the events that took place shortly after New Year’s eve.

Two ladies were arrested for stealing valuables from one of Ceasar’s Palace visitors. This seems like a story that’s pretty common for nights in Las Vegas, but it comes with a surprising twist. The two women (stealing cash) hid the stolen valuables in a place where you would probably least expect it, in their private parts.

A Hotel Room Robbery

The two women, both residing in Vegas, were identified by the Las Vegas Metro Police as Nikki Grandel and Staycee Johnson. They targeted the victim they met on the casino floor of Ceasar’s Palace on the morning of January 2.

After spending some time together at the casino, all three of them headed to the man’s hotel room to get better acquainted. According to the police, the unsuspecting victim had $6,500 cash rolled in a rubber band and a Rolex watch in a duffle bag in his room.

The man, who remained anonymous, made a crucial mistake of going to take a bath and leaving two women alone in the room, together with his valuables. The two lady criminals allegedly took the opportunity and stole both the money and the watch. When the victim returned from the bathroom, he found that his items are missing.

Stealing Cash Private Parts

Stolen Valuables Hidden in an Unexpected Place

In the meantime, the women returned to the hotel lobby. At this point, things started to get interesting. They were met by the police officers. It seems that it was Nikki Grandel who called for law enforcement. The police said that she claimed that the man initially wouldn’t let them leave the room as he believed that the two of them have robbed him.

As two women were speaking with the officers, one of them noticed the rolled $6,500 bulging out of Staycee Johnson’s pants. Seeming, the cash rolled in the rubber band has fallen out of her vagina where she attempted to hide it. On the other hand, Nikki Grandel, as she was being questioned by the police, denied stealing any of the valuable items from the hotel room.

However, while being booked at the Clark County Detention Center, she was subjected to an X-ray scan by the police officers. According to the police report, the Rolex watch, that the victim has claimed to be stolen, was found inside her private parts.

The Case to be Resolved in Court

The court records show that both Las Vegas women have posted bail and are currently awaiting trial. They will be facing charges of grand larceny. So, we’ll have to wait a bit longer for the outcome of this bizarre story. Both Niki Grandel and Staycee Johnson (accused of stealing cash) are set to appear in front of the court on February 1.

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