New Las Vegas Casino Resort Has A Goal To Target Latino Audience

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Over the past few years, we’ve witnessed casino audiences becoming much more diverse than before. With a new, more varied, base of potential customers many casinos are figuring out innovative ways to attract new visitors. Some of them see this as a chance to get a head start among the younger generation of casino-goers and establish a firm foothold in the diverse communities.

A Las Vegas Casino Tailored for the Latino Audience

One of those groups that are certainly getting a lot of interest from the casinos lately is the Latino community. A casino in Vegas has already presented a unique concept to reach out to this niche group of customers. Although still in development, the project is already garnering a lot of national attention.

The casino, formerly known as Lucky Club, is on a way to transforming into a Latino casino. The owners of the establishment are touting the new project as the first Latino casino for the Latino audience. CEO of Fifth Street Gaming, which owns Lucky Club, Set Schorr has recently commented on his company’s plans. He noted that 28% of Nevada’s population has Latino origins. Schorr added that 64 million Americans identify themselves as Latino. Unfortunately, this huge community has been mostly ignored by the national economy and entertainment business. Because of this, the company felt that it was about time that this segment of the population gets a casino complex that is entirely for them. A brand that will cater to their needs and provide an experience created with Latino guests in mind.

Unique Offering for the Latino Guests

Once it goes through all the planned renovations, the transformed property will operate under the new moniker, Jefe Bet. The interior revamp will include the addition of more than 200 gaming machines and a nightclub. Plus, the company has teamed up with Ojos Locos, a restaurant and sports bar chain with 22 locations across ArizonaTexas. The partnership will bring forward a unique setup that will provide casino visitors with Latino food and entertainment. This will make Lucky Club the first casino in the nation with integrated dining, cá cược thể thao, gaming, and sports bar experience.

The Lucky Club

Lucky Club has already been tailoring its offer to Latino Guests for years. Now, they hope that the new concept will attract much more visitors, including those coming from out of town. One of the ways to do this, they believe, is by organizing live entertainment and various events in the casino and in the adjacent area. The sister casino of Lucky Club, Silver Nugget, is already hosting a festival and numerous other events for the Latino audience.

The statistics published by the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority state that 23% of Vegas visitors came from Mexico, South, and Central America. This huge number means that the new casino has a lot of potential and an opportunity to attract at least a share of this group. Especially since these figures don’t include Hispanic or Latino guests for the US and the rest of the world.

With renovations well underway, the casino should be ready by December and the start of the World Cup.

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New Las Vegas Casino Resort Has A Goal To Target Latino Audience
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New Las Vegas Casino Resort Has A Goal To Target Latino Audience
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