The D Las Vegas Shines The Lights On The Go Go Claw Slot Machines

The D Las Vegas Shines The Lights On The Go Go Claw Slot Machines

The D Las Vegas Shines The Lights On The Go Go Claw Slot Machines

The new game at the D is guaranteed to take you on a trip down memory lane. The Go-Go Claw slot machine is a fun and intriguing game based on the old-school arcade favorite. At the moment, the casino floor at the D features two of these and it’s the only place in the country where you can try it out. The Go-Go Claw is the latest product from Aruze Gaming. The developer is best known for Roll to Win Craps, a modern take on a dice game that debuted at Harrah’s.


So far, the new game at the D has attracted a lot of action. Driven by nostalgia, players are clamoring to give it a go. They’re eager to put their childhood “toy crane” skills to work. However, as with all slot machines, the game only gives an illusion of being skill-based. Still, it’s more than enough for many to enjoy Go Go Claw.

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How Does It Work

The Go-Go Claw slot machine features a $5-100 betting range. The inside of the machine contains balls that you’re supposed to claw out to win prizes. Similar to the old arcade games. However, even though containing fake dollar bills, balls hold no intrinsic value. Each ball carries the prize determined by the machine. The prize value depends on your stake. At a minimum bet of $5, you can win a maximum of $1.000 unless there’s a progressive jackpot involved. The higher the stake, the higher the potential winning.


Just like in the classic arcade game, the players control the claw with a joystick. The claw drops down into the pit filled with balls. If one of them is successfully retrieved, and placed into the win box, the player wins a reward. Although the player doesn’t actually have a lot of control over what’s going on, the whole thing is quite exciting.

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Failing to retrieve the ball at the first attempt, doesn’t necessarily lead to losing. You’ll get two more shots at depositing the ball into the win box. Even if this fails, you can still win the prize via onscreen notification. The outcome, of course, is predetermined and mainly depends on your luck. So, you may win with no ball-grabbing skills whatsoever. Still, as is the case with other casino slot machines, the claw machine is highly regulated. So, you can rest assured you won’t be cheated on. You’ll likely win even more with Go Go Claw than with traditional toy crane machines.

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A Fun Gaming Experience

As we said, the game is immensely fun and often attracts a large crowd around the machine. It provides a fantastic group experience as the crowd cheers on the player in charge of the joystick. The Go Go Claw is part of the efforts by the Nevada hotel-casino to attract younger players. So far, it seems to be working. Most people are familiar with the game mechanics, so there’s no steep learning curve. All this makes the new slot machine at The D fun to game to play and also just to watch.

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