1st Chinese-Themed Casino Opens On The Las Vegas Strip

lucky dragon las vegas casino

The First Chinese-Themed Casino Opens On The Las Vegas Strip

Indeed, there is a new resort, Lucky Dragon Casino on the Strip. In Las Vegas, this is the first one open in the area in the last 6 years. However, When the Cosmopolitan opens 6 years ago, everyone is in amazement. More specifically, they love their preeminence. Moreover, this is in terms of spacious room designs. Also, let’s not forget about absorbing gaming options. Having said that, Lucky Dragon promises to be another landmark on the Strip. Interestingly, the feel it due to its Chinese theme. After all, they make their architectural design and astounding game offers.

See How This 1st Chinese-Themed Casino Opens On The Las Vegas Strip?

If you want to locate this resort, find it on the north side of Sahara Avenue. Also, it is west of Las Vegas Boulevard. However, they place casino perfectly to tap into the rising number of Chinese middle class that will begin flying non-stop from Beijing to Las Vegas from December 2. The casino has a giant dragon chandelier made of glass hanging above the main bar with multiple table games, hundreds of slot machines and five restaurants on the entrance area. The Lucky Dragon casino stands at a 27,500 square-foot area, making it one of the largest in the Strip.

The dragon chandelier at the Lucky Dragon is designed from more than 760 customized glass scales weighing 1.25 tons in total. The dragon was made by a Czech company known as Preciosa Lighting. More than 1,500 individual hands took part in the demanding task of glass-making that produced this masterpiece.

Will This Casino On The Las Vegas Strip Survive?

According to Michel Dvorak of Preciosa Lighting, the dragon was made by a majority of their employees so as to make the individual parts go through production processes up to shipping. It was a draining task but was completed with the able hands of hundreds of employees who devoted their time towards achieving the masterwork. The glass dragon chandelier hanging over the main bar is intended to bring luck to the players and the name of this newly opened casino is derived from the chandelier itself. Whether players will be able to derive luck from the dragon, is something that each one will discover later on as they play the multiple games offers available at the spacious casino.

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The Lucky Dragon Offers Five Restaurants

Indeed, there are five restaurants at the Lucky Dragon. Furthermore, they serve Chinese street food. Therefore, they reinforce the strong Chinese-theme that the casino owner. If you don’t know who owns Lucky Dragon, it’s Andrew Fonfa. As a result, Andrew Fonfa intends to bring out at the Strip. Also, the casino has a tea garden with a tea sommelier. Ultimately, to make everyone feel at home while playing.

Most importantly. the Lucky Dragon casino opens on 19th November. However, this is on a small-scale. Furthermore,the grand opening is scheduled for December 3. Moreover, Fonfa says that he expects most hotel guests to his new casino to come from California. However, he cannot rule out the fact that members of the burgeoning Chinese middle-class society will be flocking the casino.

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