Find Out Who’s Playing What Casino Games in Nevada Casinos

Find Out Who’s Playing What Casino Games in Nevada Casinos

Find Out Who’s Playing What Casino Games in Nevada Casinos

The entire land-based casino industry was turned upside down in 2020. The coronavirus pandemic shutdown every land-based casino in the US back in March for various periods of time. Casinos in Nevada first closed on March 16 and remained shuttered until early June. Other parts of the country faced a second round of closers as conditions worsened towards the end of the year.

Who’s Playing What Casino Games in Nevada Casinos?

The introduction of multiple vaccines combined with continued health and safety protocols point to a brighter future. The casino industry will eventually recover, yet it will never be the same.

A Nevada gaming report with ties to has pinpointed a few of those changes. This mainly concerns how today’s players are adapting to the changing environment through gambling habits.

The overall industry witnessed some dramatic losses at land-based casinos. The total loss in revenue reached 34.6 percent against the same number in 2019. Previous gains were relatively small. However, the overall gaming industry in the state showed a steady gain over the previous 10 years dating back to 2009.

Known as the “casino win”, this is the amount of money that generates the tax revenue funneled back to state and local municipalities.

Slot machines have always generated the bulk of the casino win. That remains the case with a 31.7 percent loss in 2020. This trend is slightly better than the total loss. The total casino win for Nevada slots was $5.42 billion. This equated to 68.8 percent of the entire casino win for the year.

Majority Of Gamblers Are Playing Table Games

Table games were off 40 percent with a casino win of $2.46 billion. This directly impacted their overall share of the casino gambling market.

The gaming report showed that these trends were fairly consistent throughout the state. This includes Reno to the north and Las Vegas to the south as the two biggest concentrations of land-based venues.

Clark country casinos represent gaming in Las Vegas. They were down 36.8 percent overall. Slots accounted for $4.29 billion in this county’s casino win. Table game play generated $2.25 billion.

Breaking down the various Las Vegas attractions, the famed Strip was hit the hardest. The total loss topped 43.3 percent to $3.73 billion. The downtown area lost 32.2 percent of its gaming revenue verse 2019. North Las Vegas retreated 32.4 percent and the Laughlin area declined 28.4 percent.

Other areas included in this breakdown were the Boulder Strip (24 percent) and Mesquite (20.5 percent).

Table Game Breakdown

–As far as table games, Blackjack continued to lead the way as the player’s favorite gaming activity. There were 1,639 tables statewide at the end of 2020.

–The next most popular table game is Roulette with 326 gaming units in Nevada. This game accounts for 16.9 percent of the house’s casino win.

–The second-biggest money maker among table games after Blackjack was the card game Baccarat. There are 280 tables statewide.

–There are 255 Craps tables in Nevada casinos. They accounted for 11.3 percent of the casino win.

• Source: New Nevada report shows which games gamblers played most from On January 22, 2021.


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