Downtown Las Vegas Aims High As Nevada Casinos Record $1 Billion Revenue Collections

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Downtown Las Vegas Aims High As Nevada Casinos Record $1 Billion Revenue Collections

Downtown Las Vegas would be one area to reckon in the whole of USA. The signs of the district moving forward in spite of impending challenges are evident, according to market analysts who have expressed their optimistic views throughout the week.

Many people did not ever think that the downtown area would receive the glamour and the glitz that has accompanied the district in recent days.

It is not a surprise to many that those who are interested most to the downtown area are majorly the younger generation. Granted, the district is desirable to a younger crowd in the whole of Sin City thanks to what the district offers them.

All the 13 gaming facilities in downtown area collected substantial amounts of money 2015-2016 fiscal year. Las Vegas Hotels Continue To Rank Top Among Travel Accommodations Across The U.S.

According to recent data, the aggregate revenue collection from the gaming facilities in Downtown Las Vegas hit 32% above what the facilities collected the previous year.

In total, all the gaming facilities received $55.5 million. Market observers said that the amount was a 12% rise statewide. Financial analysts assert that if the status quo remains, many industry developers will make real money casino gambling sites a major revenue collector in the state.

Although the downtown area is growing extremely fast, the Silver State topped when it came to gaming win by recording $1.04 billion.

The lion’s share went to the strip by pulling $532 million as Clark County increased approximately $14.3%.

February was the best month the state has ever had in recent days. The last time the state recorded high revenue collections were nearly four years ago in 2013 and the record says that it was in July 2016 when the state’s gaming revenue collections hit $1 billion.

Michael Lawton said in a recent statement that he was pleased that the state recorded impressive results.

“It’s very impressive that we’ve been able to have high yields. Recording a billion dollars twice within 7 months is not a joke,” Lawton said.

Casinos Targeting Millennials

Gaming complexes throughout the state, Las Vegas inclusive, have put strategies that will help them reach for a wider audience. Most of the casinos are now targeting millennials.

In fact, for now, no single casino wants to lag behind in their bid to spending their huge amounts of money on clients who do not participate in gambling. That is why, they are now interested in millennials, a group gaming developers believe will help in improving gaming resorts.

In a deliberate effort to persuading the millennials, eSports stadium, the first of its kind in Las Vegas will be open to the public at the end of this week in downtown Neonopolis.

When it finally opens, eSports stadium, which financial analysts believe will be almost $2 billion industry will be home for latest video games and top-notch marquee events.

MarketingLas Vegas Nevada to other international clients is also a strategy that will help in creating high revenue in the future.

Various Chinese travel agencies managers were hosted in Las Vegas a week ago, an illustration that Las Vegas is stopping at nothing when it comes to reaching many clients.

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