Rapper Offset And His Wife Cardi B Walk Away With Six-Figure Take at Aria Casino In Las Vegas

Rapper Offset And His Wife Cardi B Walk Away With Six-Figure Take at Las Vegas Casino

Rapper Offset And His Wife Cardi B Walk Away With Six-Figure Take at Las Vegas Casino

Offset and his wife Cardi B are popular figures in the world of entertainment. In late February after a weekend of gambling in Las Vegas, they were in the spotlight again. It appears Offset was $100,000 richer for his efforts.

In town for the big fight (Wilder vs. Fury), he was quick to turn to social media to tout the win. Gambling at Aria, he posted pictures of his multiple stacks of chips. It was not mentioned how he won the hundred grand. The site speculated that it was on Craps. It could have also been won on a different type of dice game.

Offset and his wife Cardi B Walk Away With Six-Figure Take At A Casino In Las Vegas

Offset’s statement on the win was: “We didn’t come to play today, we don’t come to play today. This is what we came to do to Vegas.” He made this statement while displaying the 10 separate $1000 rows of chips. With his and his wife’s recent success in the music industry, money is not an essential need. The couple have been seen flying around in private jets.

They are hosting glamourous events. Shows for each performer are routinely sold out. The hundred grand was more for bragging rights surrounding the Las Vegas trip.

The ATL rapper also made the news recently for all the wrong reasons. He apparently blew off a recent court appearance tied to an ongoing lawsuit. That case covers an outstanding $400,000 bill for jewelry. The company issuing the rapper for lack of payment. The casino win could act as a partial payment to help settle the case.

This news was also covered in a separate post on the site. The jeweler involved in the case is Guven’s Fine Jewelry. Since the rapper failed to appear at the hearing, it is looking for a default judgment in its favor. The company also stated that Offset had been served the proper papers with a legal notice to appear.

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A picture in the HipHop site’s post showed Offset sporting quite a bit of bling. It did not say if the jewelry he was wearing is tied to the lawsuit.

In other news at this site, Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner were recently spotted at a Palm Springs casino. This story dated back to late last year. The relationship had been on the rocks in recent weeks. This post did not mention the name of the actual casino. It was only mentioned as being near the Palm Springs area.

Celebrities and glitzy casinos tend to go hand-in-hand. Entertainment media sources are quick to point out sightings on a regular basis. When they do something to attract attention (good or bad) it usually garners major headlines. When the location of the casino is in Las Vegas, the story only gets bigger.

Las Vegas and the entertainment world have always enjoyed close ties. When a huge prizefight rolls into town, so do several celebrity entourages. It is all about being seen. More so, it is all about who you are seen with.

• Source: Offset Wins Over $100,000 From Las Vegas Casino From Hotnewhiphop.com On February 25, 2020.

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