OJ Simpson Settles Defamation Lawsuit Against Las Vegas Casino

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OJ Simpson Settles Defamation Lawsuit Against Las Vegas Casino

OJ Simpson Settles Defamation Lawsuit Against Las Vegas Casino

OJ Simpson was recently back in the news. This was tied to lawsuit going back to 2017 that had finally been settled. Simpson was the plaintiff in the case. He was suing The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas for defamation of character.

The OJ Simpson lawsuit was tied to an incident at the hotel and casino four years ago.

Simpson was escorted off The Cosmopolitan premises for being drunk and disruptive. A spokesperson from that casino also told a celebrity news site that he was banned from The Cosmopolitan. The was because of his unruly behavior. This incident took place in November of 2017.

Cosmopolitan Of Las Vegas Claims That OJ Simpson is Too Tarnished to Defame

Both parties finally reached a settlement in the case. The terms of the settlement were not released to the public. Malcolm LaVergne was the attorney in charge of the case for Simpson. He declined to make any comments on the case. Nevada Property 1 LLC is the corporate owner for The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. That company refused to comment as well.

LaVergne did note that “the matter has been resolved.”

The major sticking point in the dispute between the two parties was Simpson’s reputation. The casino argued that this had already been tarnished from his past criminal record. The first involved the murder of his ex-wife and boyfriend. The second was Simpson’s conviction in a 2007 armed robbery case.

The plaintiff’s argument centered on racial bias by casino and hotel officials. The settlement was not made public when the case was officially dismissed by the Clark County District Court. This took place on March 31. Both sides had agreed to pay their own legal costs and fees.

Orenthal James Simpson OJ Simpson AKA The Juice

Simpson is 73 year’s old. He still resides in Nevada under the terms of his parole. He lives in a gated golf course community in the general Las Vegas area. He was released from prison in July of 2017. He served a total of nine years in prison for armed robbery. Other charges related to that case include kidnapping and assault with a weapon.

The Cosmopolitan did acknowledge that Simpson was given notice that he was prohibited from the property. This information was included in the formal complaint. The incident took place with Simpson and two friends spending several hours at a steakhouse and lounge. This was located inside the casino.

Simpson claimed that he was never given a reason for the ban. He also denied that he was “belligerent.” He also denied damaging any property or breaking any glass.

The media source releasing the information on this incident was TMZ. As part of the report, it was mentioned that Simpson “was drunk and became disruptive” at the resort’s steakhouse and lounge. However, TMZ was not included in the complaint.

Simpson was convicted of armed robbery and other crimes in October of 2008. He was attempting to retrieve personal mementoes that were allegedly stolen earlier. A group of five men with guns confronted two collectible dealers in a Las Vegas hotel room off the Strip.

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